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Criplettes, Bloodlettes, And Cholas

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rsz_tumblr_mghr5h2nf81s0vwg0o10_1280 (1) A Criplette or Criplettes, are a female who is a Crip. Criplettes was founded in 1971, by Stanley “Tookie Williams” girlfriend Bonnie Quarles. Criplettes is initiated into a gang by being quoted in by other female member’s, some female’s is quoted in by male crip members, or having sex with male Crips. Criplettes being the weaker gender of the two tends to run in a group, this causes them to be more aggressive, ruthless, and very violent. Criplettes have been known to attack rivals gang member’s with baseball bats, knives, and even guns, but they mastered the art of seduction. Where they meet and attract rival male enemies, by using their beauty or body to lure their target into deadly grounds while appearing non gang related and innocent. Their victims are usually found dead, or suffering from multiple wounds from “blunt force trauma”  Monster Kody Scott from Eight Tray Gangster Crips (ETGC) was set up by a group of females who was connected to the Rollin 60s Crips (RSC) they lure Kody to a house where he was ambushed, and shot seven times at close range, but mangend to survive. Criplettes worst enemies are the Bloodlettes and the Ru’lettes. C-Note (Rapper) from Blood’s & Crip’s (Rap Group) is affiliated with the Long Beach Rollin 20s Crip’s.


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Bloodlettes have been known to play russian roulette with trust, where they’ll date an enemy for a short or long period of time. Until their mark fully trust and never suspect they’re being set up. Bloodlettes is the counter part of the male Bloods. Ru’lettes are the counter part of the male Pirus, and can be found in Compton Ca, and Inglewood Ca. Ru’lettes worst enemies are the Criplettes and all Compton Crips. Bloodlettes has been around for a long time, but lack the popularity as the Criplettes. However, this allow them to fly under the radar, and catch their enemies off guard. Bloodlettes sport Khakies, burgundy, or red color Rags. All Star Chuck Taylor (converse ) with fat red laces. Bloodlettes can be found in Blood Gangs Area, especially in cities or states that is dominated by bloods: Inglewood Ca, South East San Diego Ca, and New York. Bloodlettes also travel in groups so they can out number any rivals, and especially male enemies using baseball bats, pepper spray, or anything they can get their hands on. They’ve been known to setup Crips and Sureños gang members, they feel no remorse in their younger years. Bloodlettes gender and sex appeal make it easy for them to go undercover, and venture off into enemies territory undetected, making them good spies.

Sylvia Nunn (Rambo) was a known (Ru’lette) of the of Compton Lueder’s Park Piru (LLP), she was known for her brutal attacks, and fatal shootouts with the Crips. Sylvia Nunn went on a deadly shooting spree in retaliation for her brother who was shot previous by a Crip gang. Bloody Mary (RIP) was also an (Ru’lette), associated with the Fruit Town Piru (FTP) and affiliated with the w/s Avenue Piru Gang(APG).


Chola’s or “Cholitas” are an ethnic slur for American-Mexican femalescreated by Hispanic criollos, and is the counter part of Cholos. Cholas choice of fashion is similar to CholosCholas may wear Dickies or 501 Levis Jeans, Ben Davis with Nike Cortez. Cholas often wear dark lipstick with tattooed or penciled on eye brows, and cover their bodies with black ink tattoos. Cholas usually are influenced by family members who are gang related, or thru a boyfriend who is affiliated with a certain varrio street gang. Cholas are known for having loyalty to their family, friends, and especially boyfriends. They usually don’t date outside their race and are criticized by family members if they do. Most hispanic families disapprove of interracial relationships, and especially with African American’s. Chola’s will carry razor blades in their mouths, knives in their hair, and are able to conceal weapons and drugs with their bodies. They also participate in criminal activities such as committing murder, they’ve been known to set enemies up on behalf of their gang, luring rival gang member ‘s to a deadly kill zone. They tend to use motels and hotels since most people feel safe in public place’s. Their victim’s is usually ambushed, and murdered execution style by male Cholos. The rapper B -Brazyfrom LA Denver Lane Bloods (DLB) was setup by a Chola. Cholas often find themselves using crystal meth at some point in their lives, they are credited for being the first females to create an “all girl gang”  Tiny Diablas girls located in Watts Ca, Cali Female Bombers (CFB), Hello Kitty Mafia (HKM), Vianna Roman was one of the most feared and respected Chola. The F.B.I. suspected her of being the leader of L.A. Harpys Gang, with ties to the Mexican Mafia.

tumblr_mn8gwsUKsx1srn473o4_400 Despite different cultures and different neighborhoods “varrios” all three groups share similar backgrounds. Most female gang members come from broken homes and dysfunctional families. Where they are physically abused, or sexually molested as a child. Which, make it easy for them to use their bodies for deceptions. Some develop a hatred for men, and join an all girl gang, or turn bisexual. Once they find love they’ll do almost anything for their lover or gang, even turning their back’s on family. They wont hesitate to sneak illegal contraband into a correctional facility by using  their bodies. They’ll lie under oath in a federal courtroom to authorities, and in a blink of  an eye they’ll sacrifice their life.   They’ll even take the blame for a murder, or a crime they didn’t commit to protect, and keep their lover safe. Most of them suffer from some form of past psychological trauma with aggressive behavior. Most of the time, they attract relationships where they’re physical or mentally abused, but they still remain loyal and stay true in the relationship. They often spend a large portion of their life searching  for love and acceptance.

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Criplettes, Bloodlettes, and Cholas share another common trait, most of the time all three groups don’t believe in being sexed in, where they have sex with multiple male partners from that gang. They rather be quoted into a gang thru physical initiation, or committing violent street crimes. They believe if you join any gang by being sexed in, the male members will never respect, or treat them with respect, and only use them for sexual pleasures. They demand the same equal respect as a male, and they’ll go to great lengths to achieve respect. They’ll commit the same criminal and brutal acts, of a male and commit murder in a heart beat. They often participate in just about every type of crime from assault and battery, to strong-arm bank robbery, but wont participate or tolerate any sort of rape activities, or killings kids. Criplettes, Bloodlettes, and Cholas all three tends to departure from the gang life, if they become pregnant or have children. They’re usually over protective of  their kids, teaching them what their parents never taught them as kids. They love their kids the way they wanted their parents to love  them as kids. They’ll try their best to keep their kids away from gangs, some Criplettes, Bloodlettes, and Cholas, who have been severely traumatized, mentally scarred, or sexually victimized, find it difficult to show or express, love, or affection.



Girl To Gangster

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  1. Respect to all the homies put in work big up to the big homie ( RAMBO) u inspired me from afar I have struggle along the way between being a mother and homie

  2. Love the photos ..

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