Geer Gang Crips

geer gang hatThe Geer Gang Crips, wear the Green bay Packers gear with the logo letter “G”

The Geer Gang Crips (GGC) also known as the Geer Gangster Crips or the Geer Street Gang are located in the West Adams District, of South Los Angeles, CA. The Geer Gang Crips originated on Geer Street and Hauser Blvd. Their territory stretches from West Adams Blvd to Jefferson Blvd. Members of this street gang are known to claim 5500 Blocc, 2100 Blocc, and the 2700 Blocc. 

The Geer Gang Crips were one of the most active gangs in the West Adams distract, during the 1990s. The Geer Gang younger generation provoked fights on a regular at the “Wheels On Wheels Skating Rink” which is located in School Yard Crips hood, but has since been dominated by the Rollin 60s Crips, who is considered the largest black street gang in the Los Angeles county

One of the Geer Gang Crips popular cliques is the Smiley Blocc, which is located on Smiley Drive, and also include an apartment complex, dominated by the Geer Gang Crips. The Smiley Blocc click, is also held responsible for majority of the gang related shootings, which also include the Los Angeles police. The Geer Gang Crips violent incounter with law enforcement, is mentioned in a book called “Images of the Street: Planning, Identity and Control in Public Space” by Nicholas Fyfe.

Allies & Rivals

The Geer Gang Crips are allies of the West Blvd Crips and the School Yard Crips. Their main blood rival are the NeighborHood Rollin’ 20s Bloods, after the Geer Gang Crips, killed Michael Terrance Johnson, better known on the street as “Cee Kay” in 1993. Other  enemies include: Crenshaw Mafia BloodsBlack P StonesFruit Town Brims, and the Van Ness Gangster Bloods.

Rival Crip gangs: West Boulevard Crips, 83 Eight Tray Gangster Crips, Playboy Gangster Crips, and the Mansfield Gangster CripsIn 2006the Geer Gang Crips became engaged in a bitter war with the  18th Street Gang (hispanic gang), waging death on both sides. The Geer Gang Crips was labeled as a menace to society by law enforcers, which led to a gang injunction being filed against them along with the School Yard Crips.

Toledo, Ohio

Geer Gang Crips are also located around Geer Avenue in Toledo Ohio, also known as Roc City. They’re very active and dangerous, similar to their Los Angeles counterpart. Some of  their enemies include the Manor Boyz Bloods, Folks Nation, Mablewood Bloods, and the Smith Park Mafia Bloods.  

LA Geer Gang News


Toledo Geer Gang News 


18 Responses to “Geer Gang Crips”

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  10. The Geer Gang ain’t shit fucc queers WLA Marvin Gangster Crip

  11. the geers are located in WEST LA not south central and the beef wit 18 started in 2004 not 06 the geers turnt up but couldn’t hang with the 18s that war was over in a few weeks but most of the 18s got washed up since then

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  15. Im a second generation geer street crip og clown lic an I just want to say to all my comrads keep it in second geer.

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