59 East Coast Crips

East Coast Crips

59 (Five Nine) East Coast Crips (59 ECC) are primarily an African-American street gang located on the East Side of South Los Angeles, California. Their neighborhood run from Central Ave to Compton Blvd, between Gage Ave and Slauson Ave. 59 East Coast Crips originated around 59th Street and 59th Place in the 1980sHooper Ave is the center of their neighborhood.

The 59 East Coast Crips falls under the East Coast Crips and East Side Crips umbrella. The Five Nine East Coast Crips also align themselves with Neighborhood Crips, and the Deuce (2x) card. The 59 ECC closest rivals are the 52 Bloodstone Villians and the 52 Pueblo Bishop Bloods. Allies include: East Coast Crips from 1st Street East Crips to 190 East Coast Crips.

All East Coast Crips are currently engaged in a bitter rivalry with Florencia 13. Which, has resulted in a number of deaths and several casualties on both sides. Other rivals include: Publos Bishop Bloods, Mad Swan Bloods, 52 Bloodstone Villians, Be-Bop Watts Bishops Bloods53 Avalon Gangster Crips52 Broadway Gangster Crips, and Florencia 13.

5 Responses to “59 East Coast Crips”

  1. Yall homies on the west don’t respect us but regardless if it wasn’t for yall there would Ce no us. 1-9-7-3-2-11-6

  2. yungcripde@gmail.com Reply August 27, 2014 at 6:24 am

    EC 59thst. Cethune Park Ritlas CE DOG 4OE F13K


  4. 59ecc DMC NHC bsvK F13k 52pk

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