Yungin – murda Bizness (music video)

Yungin also known as Yung J R from Grape St Watts Crips released a music video called ”Murda Bizness”  which is a remix to Iggy Azalea song ”Murda Bizness”. Song is from ”Most Valueble Playa” Mixtape.    

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Pomona arrest

Pomona Gang Member Sentenced To Death In Gruesome 2009 Murders

A member of the 12th Street gang convicted of multiple gruesome killings and kidnapping learned his fate Thursday in a Los Angeles County courtroom. Judge Ronald S. Coen imposed the sentence of death to Robert Louis Caballero, 37, for his actions in the 2009 killing spree. Caballero was convicted of three murders, two counts of […]

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red army

Red Amy – All Red Everything (music video)

Rap Group Red Army from Neighborhood Piru (Inglewood) and Gilbert St Killer Gang (San Bernardino ) released a music video called ‘‘All Red Everything”.Filmed in Inglewood,Ca in Neighborhood Piru (Inglewood).  

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King Lil G – Welcome To L.A (music video)

Rapper King Lil G from 18th Street Gang released a music video called “Welcome To L.A” feat Dina Rae. filmed in Los Angles,Ca with reaching over  three million views on youtube.

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Snapshot - 39

Gunnin Hundred Boys – Active (music video)

Rap Group ”Gunnin Hundred Boys” of  the 107 Hoover Criminals Gang released a music video to Song called ”Active”  which is a reply to ”PNC” from Rollin 60’s Neighborhood Crips song called ”STU”.  

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turnt up

Roccett – Turnt Up Music (music video)

  Roccett from 190 East Coast Blocc Crips released music video called ”Turnt Up Music”  . Song is from album ” America’s Nightmare” which can be found on iTunes. Filmed in his neighborhood.

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Straight Outta Compton (Trailer)

Straight Outta Compton, the upcoming film based on the rise of NWA, is due out this summer, so it’s high time we saw a trailer. In the film’s first full-length spot, we’re first treated to an introduction featuring Ice Cube and hip-hop’s first billionaire Dr. Dre, rolling around Compton as they reminisce on their formative years there […]

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talking about my niggas

Lil Drawz – Talking About My Niggas (music video)

Lil Drawz and Lil Freaky from Pj Watts Crips released a music video called ”Talking About My Niggas”. which is a remix to song called My Nigga by YG.Filmed in Imperial Housing Projects

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PNC – Mad or Naw (music video)

Rap group known as PNC of the Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips has released a music video called ”Mad Or Naw” in response to G-Nutt from Fruit Town Brims music video called ”Deeper Than Rap”.

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Snapshot - 37

Lil Snick GHB – STD (Music Video)

Lil Snick from 107 Hoover Criminals released a music video called ”STD’‘ (Super Turnt Down) which is a  Rollin 60’s Neighborhood Crips Diss. This song is a response to PNC ‘‘Hit Yo Rollin”.

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