S.D THE EMCEE – 93,94 (Official Video)

S.D THE EMCEE – 93,94 (Official Video) shot by @rwfilmss x @guapcitysr LBC Mixtape out now! (West Coast Crips)

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Pimp Player Hustler Gangster Crips

The Pimp Player Hustler Gangster Crips (PPHG), also known as the Pimp Player Hustler Gangsters (PPHG) and commonly known as the PPHG Crips, are an African-American street gang operating on the East Side of San Bernardino, California. They originated in the mid-1980’s, during the crack epidemic era. The PPHG Crips  are also associated with the […]

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21-Year-Old Father Killed ijn Shooting Near Two Schools in Pomona

A gun battle in the middle of a busy Pomona intersection near two scools has police in two cities looking for one of shooters. A 21-year-old father of two was returning from a visit to his brother’s grave, a family member said, when he was shot to death in a possible gang related shooting near […]

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N/S Bricc Boy Crips

Bricc Boy Crips (Long Beach)

The Bricc Boy Crips (BBC), also known as the North Side Bricc Boy Crips (NSBBC) or simply Bricc Boys are predominantly a small African-American street gang located in North Long Beach, California. They claim territory primarily around the Carmelitos Housing Projects, located on Via Wanda Ave.

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2 Tone – Every Day (Music Video)

2 Tone from ”The Avenues Gang”, “Every Day On The West Side” music video featuring Glasses Malone from 7th Street Watts Crips.

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Conejo – G Shit (Music Video)

Conejo of the Harpy’s Gang & Joka boy from the Compton Varrio Tortilla Flats Gang “G Shit” music video.

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Long Beach Movement

Rapper Snoop Dogg & DJ Drama presents the Long Beach Movement all sides of Long Beach & all gangs in the city of Long beach to come together in a peaceful way to make a music video ”Beach City” featuring Willie Mammuth, Beefy Bankz, Fade RR, SD the Emcee, Yung Zeke, Jooba Loc, and Sagzilla

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Young Bad – Turnt up (Music Video)

Yound Bad from 107 Hoover Criminal Gang released ”Turnt Up” music video

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A.D Da Loc – “Mandoe” (Music Video)

A.D Da Loc from Rollin 40 Neighborhood Crips ”Mandoe” music video that also has rapper Nipsey Hussle in it.

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MS13 Vs 18st Gang

A Gang-Related Murder Every Hour: How El Salvador Became The Homicide Capital Of The World

On the deadliest day of the century in the world’s most homicidal country, a gang leader and convicted murderer sits quietly in a vegetable farm ruing what he calls a disappearing opportunity for peace. Marvin is a senior figure in the Mara Salvatrucha, one of El Salvador’s two biggest gangs. They have been at war […]

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