Orange Street Locos (Norwalk)

The Orange Street Locos (OSL), also known as the Varrio Orange Street Loccos (VOSL) are a small Mexican-American street gang named after Orange Street, between Pioneer Street and Rosecrans Ave located in Norwalk, California. The Orange Street Loccos are the smallest gang in Norwalk, covering only five blocks with around 60 active members. In the […]

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Varrio Norwalk

Varrio Norwalk

The Varrio Norwalk (VNWK) also known as Varrio Norwalk 13 (VNWK13) are primarily a Mexican-American street gang located in the Southeast area of Los Angeles County, California. Territory of the Varrio Norwalk, stretches north from 166th Street to Hopland Street, between Pioneer Boulevard to Norwalk Boulevard. Varrio Norwalk is the largest neighborhood gang in the […]

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Chicago Rapper Capo And Baby Die In Gang-Related Shooting

Chicago rapper Capo, a member of Chief Keef’s “Glo Gang,” has died in a gang-related shooting over the weekend that also resulted in the death of a baby boy who was struck by a vehicle fleeing the scene, the Chicago Sun-Times reported on Sunday.

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King Lil G – Real Life (Music Video)

King Lil G from 18th Street Gang released a music video called ”Real Life” which is  single from King Lil G  mixtape  called ”AK47 Boyz” this mixtape can be found on iTunes.

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Slick Da Ru from Elm Street Piru released a music video called “Im From Elm Street”, a single from Slick Da Ru mxtape called “Im From Elm Street” The song is a remix to Yg 400 song ”Im From Bompton”

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West Haven Blast – Ghetto Ghetto (Music Video)

Compton rapper West Haven Blast from 135 Piru Gang released a music video called “Ghetto Ghetto” which is a single from West Haven Blast’s album “Chronicles Of A… 135 Boy”. Filmed in Compton,CA.

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North Side Redondo 13

North Side Redondo

The North Side Redondo (NSR), also known as the North Side Redondo 13 (NSR13) are primarily a Mexican-American street gang named after the city of Redondo Beach, in the South Bay/Harbor region of Los Angeles county, California. They originated in the 1960s, spuning two cliques the Los Nietos (LNS) and the Los Diablitos (DBS). In 1990, […]

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Phonk P – Bang That (Music Video)

Compton rapper Phonk P from Fruit Town Piru released a music video called “Bang That ft Fred Blaze and Braze also rappers from Fruit Town Piru.

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Oak Park Bloods

Oak Park Bloods (Sacramento)

The Oak Park Bloods (OPB), are an African-American street gang located in the Oak Park, neighborhood Sacramento, California. They were founded in the early 1980’s, by bloods from Los Angeles, who travel to North California during the crack epic era. Making them one of the oldest blood gangs in South Sacramento. Their subsets consist of the […]

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Rialto Staxx – Im Bangin (music video)

Rap group ”Rialto Staxx” from Tray Roc Mafia Crips, street gang in Rialto,ca has released a music video called ”Im Bangin”.filmed in Rialto in Tray Roc Mafia Crips neighborhood.

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