BloodStone Villians

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The Blood Stone Villains (BSV) commonly spelled Blood Stone Villians are primarily an African-American street gang located on the East Side  of South Los Angeles, California. The Bloodstone Villians originated on 56th Street, and have been active ever since the 1970s. Their neighborhood spread from 50th Street to Slauson Ave, around Hooper Ave (which is the center of  their territory).

The Bloodstone Villians have been engaged in a bitter feud with the Pueblo Bishops, and are considered worst enemies. However, these two gangs was once close allies, and referred to this relationship as “Villian Pueblos” or “Pueblo Villians. The Villians attended parties, get together’s, meetings, and other types of functions in the Pueblo del Sol Projects.

It was also common to see graffiti on sidewalks, walls, curbs, and other city properties. Which, represent their alliance tagged as “PBSV (Pueblos Blood Stone Villians)” or “BSVPB (Bloodstone Villians Pueblos Bishops).” Allegedly a member of the Pueblo Bishops, murdered a Bloodstone Villians execution-style, during a drug deal, in 1998.

Officer Brandon Barron, who is with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), and is also a gang expert. Testified in the Los Angeles, Superior Court that the Pueblos Bishops Bloods and the Bloodstone Villians has been feuding since the 1980s. The exact cause of the feud is disputed as well as the date.

Allies include: Blood Stone PirusCedar Block PiruBounty HuntersDenver Lane Bloods, Campanella Park Piru, Cedar Block Piru, Center Park BloodCentinela Park Family, and the Center View Piru. Rivals include: Pueblos Bishops Bloods, 59 East Coast Crips,  Avalon Gangster CripsHoover Criminals, and the Six Pacc East Coast Crips.


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  2. Where tha vi52ians at in Indiana I’m frxm jerzy oyg nuisance

  3. Wh52pX2 west up xr vest up

  4. Wh56p! Low bottom 50’z

  5. Say hello to the bad guy!!

  6. One time for them Evilside Villians B’s uP^

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