B-Brazy (rapper)

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B-Brazy (Bex Brazy) AKA Sweet Daddy or Braze The Daze (Bruice Parish) was a rapper from South Los Angeles (South Central) 109th St Figueroa Ave (Dever Lane Bloods). B-Brazy made his debut on Bloods & Crips Bangin’ on Wax 2… The Saga Continues, and made his first video debut appearance on “Damu Ride” as the lead artist.

Braze The Daze, was also a member of the Damu Ridas (Rap Group) alongside fellow friends and blood member’s Lil Hawk, Big WyRedrum 781, Suga Buga AKA Dogg, Peanut 2 aka KPLil’ Laniak 2Tip ToePimp DSpyder aka S.P, and O.G Mad Eye. B-Brazy also made guess appearances on The Relativez single “Like That” and  Mack 10Ghetto, Gutter & Gangsta (album) on a song called “Figaro Rida.”

B-Brazy also was featured on the late great Bloody Mary album, Day Of Resurrection on a song called “Bitch Get Lifted”. B-Brazy strong stage presence made him captured attention naturally with his flamboyant charisma rhymes, females found him attractive due to his unique characteristics. B-Brazy was considered to be the most popular member of the Damu Ridas (Rap Group).

B-Brazy Death

On May 9th, 2003 Braze The Daze was set up by an Undercover latino female gang member, he was ambushed and shot in Inglewood at the Sandman Motel on the 800 Block of W. Manchester Blvd. B-Brazy managed to make it outside where he collapsed going into cardiac arrest, when police and paramedic arrived he was unresponsive, he was pronounced dead at the hospital.

B-Brazy murdered took the Blood Community by surprise. He had one of the largest  funeral with attendance by family, friends, and fans. The LAPD feared that the death of  B-Brazy would cause heavy retaliation and intensify things by adding fuel to the “Race War”  in fact his murder resulted in fatal shootouts and brutal attacks on surrounding Sureño Gangs, in particular the F-13 and the 18th Street Gang.

The city of Inglewood CA offered a $25.000.00 reward for information on B-Brazy murder. June Dawg from Damu Ridas, who is also affiated with the LA Denver Lane Bloods, made a tribute song dedicated to B-Brazy called “Blood Walk”.


  • (1994) Bangin’ on Wax 2… The Saga Continues
  • (1995) Damu Ridas
  • (1999) How Deep Is Your Hood



  • Damu Ride


  • (1994) Bangin’ on Wax 2… The Saga Continues
  • (1995) Damu Ridas
  • (1999) How Deep Is Your Hood


  • Bloody Mary Feat. B-Brazy “Bitch Get Lifted”
  • Mack 10 Feat. Brazy “Figaro Rida”
  • The Relativez Feat. B-Brazy “Like That”
  • The Relativez ft B-Brazy “Be A Ho”
  • Green Eyez Feat. B-Brazy, Redrum 781, Spueak Ru, and Big Wy “Ghetto Star”
  • Green Eyez feat. B-Brazy “Big Pimpin”
  • Green Eyez Ft. B-Brazy, Redrum 781 “Risom In My Blood Stream”


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  1. Brazie was never killed by Mexicans. Whoever this is publishing this needs to correct that ish immediately. F13 don’t even beef with bloods like that…let alone Denver Lanes. I’ve never heard F13s going at Denver Lanes or any other blood set. A Damu giving an interview with Street Gangs dot com admitted that Brazie was killed by other Bloods.

    • Fuck messy skins saying nigger acting like straight crackers that’s y they getting fucked up by bloods and crips.

  2. Rip B Brazy your legacy lives on I’m a Pasadena lane.ck msk fuck skinheads all day fuck crabs..damuetts all day bip woody lanes and all my Lane’s

  3. Much love to the fallen homie B Brazy. Lane in Peace. Gangsta El Bone BPS Ganggk. Fuck 18k Faketeen Ck all day from bompton to inglewatts jungles woop woop

    • You think that shit is funny your a racist ass basterd you know that i hope you get fucked in the ass bitch because that is what you deserve R.I.P B BRAZY I WILL ALWAYS BE A FAN MUCH LOVE XOXOXO

      • yeah, I think it is funny. what the fuck are you gonna do about it. the only GOOD thing these niggers do is kill each other. lol

    • He was a low class nigger asshole street thug who DESERVED to die. I hope ALL RAPPERS get shot in their nigger heads. 10 to 1 it was another nigger who killed him. the only good thing they do.

  4. Rip big braze

    But thats what happens when u fuck w/ a wetback greaseball bitch. Brothers need to stay away from them nasty smelly taco eatin hoes. Ewww.

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