Big Wy (rapper)

Big Wy

Wytony Dillon (born December 30, 1973) better known by his stage name Big Wy is an American rapper from Inglewood, CA. Big Wy made his debut on Bloods & Crips (Bangin On Wax 1&2) under the alias Red Rag. Big Wy was also a part of the Damu Ridas (rap group) alongside fellow blood rappers such as: Suga Buga aka Dogg, B-Brazy, Lil Hawk, Lil StretchBloody Mary and Redrum 781.

He also  appeared on the Gang related (soundtrack) and Murder Was The Case (soundtrack). Big Wy recorded a tribute song “Piru Love 3000” to Bloody Mary – (Bloods & Crips), 4 Bent – (Cedar Block Piru), and DJ Quik former artist Mausberg -(Campenella Park Piru). Big Wy also released a tribute song dedicated to his fellow Damu Rida Lil Hawk. Big Wy is affiliated with the Crenshaw Mafia Blood Gang.

Young Soldierz

While still recording material for the Bloods & Crips second album (Bangin’ On Wax 2…The Saga Continues) Big Wy, Dog, Lil Stretch and G-Pops formed their own rap group called Young Soldierz. The group recorded a song called “Eastside-Westside” which gained the attention of club DJ’s, radio station, and the gang community.

In 1994, Young Soldierz had a meeting with Suge Knight and was signed to Death Row Records. Young Soldierz released their debut album titled (Young Soldierz) along with two singles  “If Tomorrow Comes” and “Alligator”. Young Solderz also appeared on the Murder Was The Case (Soundtrack) and the Gang Related (Soundtrack).

The Relativez

In 1998, Young Soldierz dismantle after their departure from Death Row Records. Big Wy and Suga Buga previously Known as Dog formed a rap group called (The Relatives). The Relativez released A string of independent albums which features B-BrazyMitchy Slick, WC, Kokane and G Malone who is signed to Hoo Bangin Records, a record company established by Mack 10 of Queen Street Bloods.

The Relativez had a minor feud with rapper Mack 10, who is affiliated with the Queen Street BloodsMack 10 released a song called “Hate In Your Eyes” where he said “yo group ain’t been heard of passed the bottoms.” The bottoms is a reference to an area of Inglewood, which is home to the Crenshaw Mafia Bloods. The Relativez fired back with “Fuck Mack 10” (diss song). However, this feud has been squashed, according to The Relativez.

Bloods & Crips

  • Bangin On Wax
  • Bangin On Wax 2

Young Souldierz

  • (1994) Young Soldierz

Damu Ridas

  • (1995) Damu Ridas
  • (1999) How Deep Is Your Hood

The Relativez Releases

  • The Takeover 2 (Coming Soon)
  • (2007) Rise To Power
  • (2005) Money Respect Money (2005)
  • (2002) Snoop Dogg Presents: Relativez – The Takeover
  • (2000) Dirty Money


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