Hop Sing Boys

hop sing boys

The Hop Sing Boys was a Chinese-American gang located in the Chinatown of  San Fransisco,CA . The Hop Sing Boys was connected to the Hop Sing Tong. The Hop Sing Boys along with other Chinatown gangs such as the Wah Ching and the Joe Boys participated in illegal criminal activities: Drug trafficking, extortion, illegal gambling, loan sharking, and murder. Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow became the leader of the Hop Sing Boys and an enforcer for the Hop Sing Tong, along with their allies the Wah Ching both gangs also peddled illegal fireworks in Chinatown. Raymond Chow was sentenched to 11 years in prison, and the Hop Sing Boys and the Joe Boys slowly died out after the creation of  the Asian Police Gang Task Force in San Francisco, Chinatown.

4 Responses to “Hop Sing Boys”


  2. Hop sing is still around.

  3. more gangs should follow these guys, they wear suits they look professional . thats the way to go about your buisness

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