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Boskoe 100 (rapper)


Boskoe 100, also known as Boskoe1 is an American rapper who hail from Inglewood, California. He became well-known in the music industry after a street feud, spilled onto the internet and went viral. Boskoe 100 have released several music projects after signing with One Hunnid Entertainment, a record label started by rapper Game older brother Bigfase 100, who is affiliated with the Cedar Block Piru, a street gang based in Compton, California.

Boskoe 100 grow up on the East Side, of a section dominated by one of Inglewood notorious street gang, known as the Queen Street Bloods (QSB). Boskoe1 appeared in a television show by A&E, called LA Gang Wars: The Peacemaker, in an episode titled “Blood Brothers”. Starring G-Luv of the Queen Street Bloods and Squeak Ru of the Neighborhood Piru, in an attempt to restore peace among the two feuding gangs (Queen Street Bloods vs Inglewood Family Bloods).

Feud With Ice Burgundry

In 2011, Boskoe1 started feuding with Ice Burgundy, an Inglewood native who is a member of the Neighborhood Pirus, and is signed to Bricksquard Monopoly, a record company established by Waka Floka (rapper). The feud escalated over comments made on twitter, between the two. The feud exploded after Boskoe 100 released a diss song “Da Ice Melted” where he verbally insults Ice Burgundy and take shots at 2Eleven as well as Rosemo 700.

Boskoe 100 and Ice Burgundry, had a mutual friend who orchestrated an ambush by lowering Boskoe to a nearby park. Where an unknown car pulled beside Boskoe, which included 2Elevlen and Rosmo 700 as well as Don P, who are all affiliated with the Neighborhood Piru. Roemo 700 and Don P, are seen approaching, but only Rosemo 700 is capture attacking Boskoe 100.

The incident was recorded by 2Eleven, and uploaded to, and spread to numerous social sites. Less than a day later, Rosemo 700 was murdered as drove a red BMW, near an intersection in the city of Inglewood. Boskoe1 was the primary suspect in the shooting death of Rosemo 700, due to their previous physical altercation. Boskoe 100 was seen on video footage being handcuffed, questioned and cleared of any involvement.

Feud With Big Paybacc

In 2011, in the same year, in an interview Boskoe 100, quoted a popular phase used by bloods “them ni**as treated me like a crab” the word “Crab” is a derogatory term for crips. Big Paybacc, a rapper who gain recognition after signing to BayMaac Records, a record label started by Spider Loc, of 97 East Coast Crips. By Big Paybacc being affiliated with the Whitsett Ave Crips, automatically felt offended by the expression used by Boskoe 100.

Despite, Boskoe 100 and Big Paybacc, being on good terms prior to the comment made by Boskoe. The two met in Compton, at Bigfase 100 house and introduced through a mutual friend Lil Sodi, a South Central rapper from Eight Tray Gangster Crips. In 2012, Boskoe 100 and Big Paybacc, both have released responded by releasing “Boskoes That Bitch I Don’t Like” a diss song where 

During a radio interview, Big Paybacc was interrupted by Boskoe, who exchanged a fury of insults. The phone conversation  included street credibility, Rosemo 700 and album sells, the two even released diss tracks. Despite, Boskoe’s feud with Big Paybacc he maintain a good relationship with certain crips.

Minor Feuds

In 2011, Boskoe 100, released “Yard Down” (mixtape), which is also the name of a record label (Yard Down Muzik) started by rapper G-Nutt, in 2008. G-Nutt and Boskoe1 became cool, after being introduced to each other by a mutual aqutice. However, G-Nutt who is a well-known member of the Fruit Town Brims, felt disrespected when Boskoe1 released “Yard Down” after meeting each other, in the same year.

Boskoe 100 was involved in a minor feud with 40 Glocc (rapper), who is signed to G- Unit Records and is affiliated with the Colton City Crips. Boskoe became enraged with 40 Glocc, due to his crusade on bloods in the music industry such as Compton Menace, Game and lil Wayne. As a result, Boskoe 100, released a single acompanied by a music video feature Redrum 781 of Avenue Piru Gang.


  • Time Served
  • 2013: Resume
  • 2012: A Million And One
  • 2012: For A Few Hunnid More (with Bigfase 100)
  • 2011: Yard Down

Diss Songs

  • Truth Is (Diss To 211,Don P & Ice Burgundy)
  • Ice Is Melted (Ice Burgundy Diss)
  • The Peoples Champ  (Ice Burgundy Diss)
  • 40 Glocc (Diss)
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