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West Side Walnut

The West Side Walnut (WSW), also known as the West Side Walnut 13 (WSW13) are primarily a Mexican-American street gang based in Walnut, a suburban city in the San Gabriel Valley of Los Angeles, California. They originated during the 1970s, between Valley Blvd and Calle Baja Dr., around Camino Streets. The West Side Walnut are not to be confused with the West Side Walnut Street, a Latino gang based in Orange County.

Allies & Rivals

The West Side Walnut main rivalry is with the East Side Dukes, a predominantly Mexican-American street gang based in La Puente. This rivalry turned deadly after a member of the East Side Dukes was murdered by members of the West Side Walnut, during the late 1970s. They also beef with the West Side Hustlers, a black street gang located on the West Side of West Covina.


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