Los Angeles Crips

Hustler Crips

The Hustler Crips is a large umbrella consisting of several individual African-American street gangs located throughout South Los Angeles, California. The Hustler Crips sub-sets have been around for several generations with […]

73 Hustler Crips

The 73 Hustler Crips (Low Down) better known as the 7-Tray Hustler Crips or 7-Tray Hustler Gangster Crips, due to their alliance with the 73 Gangster Crips. The 7-Tray Hustlers are an active African-American […]

Gangster Crips (3X)

The Gangster Crips (3x) also known as Trays or Movin Gangs primarily consist of several individual African-American street gangs, based out of South Central, Los Angeles, California. Street gangs, who fall under the Gangster Crips card, are loosely connected to the Eight Tray […]