Los Angeles Crips

Front Street Watts Crips

  The Front Street Watts Crips (FSW) are an African-American street gang located on the East Side in the Watts section of  South Los Angeles, California. Their neighborhood spread from Central Ave to  Avalon Blvd, between 103rd Street to 108th street. The Front Street Crips originated in the 1970s and have been active for over three decades. […]

7th Street Crips

7th Street Crips, also known as 7th Street Watts, are primarily an active African-American street gang located on the East Side in the Willowbrook/Watts, section of Los Angeles, California. They originated on 117th Street, between Mona Blvd and Willowbrook Ave. Glasses Malone (rapper), who is signed with Mack 10 “Hoo Bangin”   record label is affiliated […]

Holmes Street Crips

The Holmes Street Crips (HSC) also known as Holmes Street Watts (HSW) are an African-American street gang located on the East Side in the Willowbrook/Watts community of South Los Angeles, California. Their neighborhood is West of the Kenneth Hahn Plaza (Shopping Center) from 117th Street to 118th Street, between Wilmington Ave and Compton Ave. This gang as […]

Raymond Avenue Crips

The Raymond Avenue Crips (RAC) also known as the World Famous Raymond Crips are primarily an African-American street gang that originated on the West Side of Los Angeles, California. The Raymond Ave Crips consist of 120 Raymond Avenue Crips and the 102 Raymond Avenue Crips as well as the Pasadena Raymond Avenue […]

PJ Watts Crips

The PJ Watts Crips (PJWC) are predominantly an African-American/Black street gang located on in the Imperial Courts Housing Projects on the East Side in the Watts district of South Los Angeles, California. Their neighborhood stretches from 112th Street to Imperial Highway, between Grape Street and Mona Blvd. They are considered the 2nd largest crip gang in the city […]

46 Neighbor Hood Crips

The 46 NeighborHood Crips (46NHC), also known as the 4-Six Neighborhood Crips, and is one of the longest standing African-American street gang in South Los Angeles, California. They originated on the West Side of South Central, in the 1970s, and falls under the Neighborhood Crips (Deuce 2X). The 46 Neighborhood Crips are often […]