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The Pirus or Piru Street Boys are a Los Angeles, California area street gang alliance (under the larger alliance, Bloods) based out of Compton which spread to Carson, Inglewood, and Watts.

This meeting eventually led to the formation of the Bloods.There are fifteen known Piru sets. Piru in current times is simply an alliance under an alliance. The Piru alliance is under the Blood alliance, in which the Piru alliance has street gang sets which have subsets.

145 Neighborhood Piru

The 145 Neighborhood Piru, not to be confused with the Neighborhood Piru, which are based in Inglewood, CA. The 145 Neighborhood Pirus are primarily an [...]

May 10, 2013 // 111 Comments

Hawthorne Piru Gang

The Hawthorne Piru Gang (HPG), are an African-American Piru gang located in Hawthorne, California. Their territory is around Crenshaw Ave and Hawthorne Blvd, between [...]

May 10, 2010 // 59 Comments

Avenue Piru Gang

The Avenue Piru Gang (APG) are an African-American street gang located on the West Side of Inglewood, California. They are noted for being the first gang [...]

April 5, 2010 // 51 Comments

Mob Piru Gang

The Mob Piru Gang (MPG) also known as Eastside Mob (ES Mob) or Insane Mob Gang (IMG). They are a primarily African-American Piru street gang located [...]

April 5, 2010 // 203 Comments

Skyline Piru (San Diego)

The Skyline Pirus (SLP) also known as the East Side Pirus (Rollin 80s) are primarily an African-American blood criminal gang located throughout Southeast San Diego, [...]

April 5, 2010 // 140 Comments

Circle City Piru

The Circle City Piru (CCP) are mainly an African-American street gang, located on the East Side in the Watts region of South Los Angeles, [...]

April 5, 2010 // 10 Comments

CenterView Piru (Carson)

The CenterView Pirus (CVP), also known as the Centerview Barson Pirus or View Gang are primarily an African-American street gang located on the East Side of [...]

April 5, 2010 // 42 Comments

135 Piru Gang

The 135 Piru also known as (E/S) 135 Piru Gang, and 135 Bompton Piru Gang is primarily an African-American Piru street gang located on the east [...]

April 5, 2010 // 122 Comments

Campanella Park Piru

The Campanella Park Piru (CPP) also known as The Nellas is an African-American Piru street gang located on the west side of Rosewood, also [...]

April 5, 2010 // 49 Comments

West Side Piru

The West Side Piru (WSP) also known as the West Side Bompton Piru (WSBP), or Bompton West Side Piru (BWSP), are an African-American criminal street gang that [...]

April 4, 2010 // 192 Comments

151 Original Block Piru

The 151 Original Block Piru (151OBP) also known as 151 Neighborhood Piru (151NHP), 151 Original Block Neighborhood Piru (151OBNP), and 151 Piru (WS 151P). [...]

April 4, 2010 // 424 Comments

Cross Atlantic Piru

The Cross Atlantic Pirus (CAP), also known as the Cap Gang, are an American-American Piru gang, located on the East Side of Compton, California. Their neighborhood [...]

April 4, 2010 // 30 Comments

Cedar Block Piru

The Cedar Block Piru (CBP) are primarliy an American-American Piru street gang located on the west side of Compton, California. Like many Piru gangs, the Cedar [...]

April 4, 2010 // 97 Comments