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The Compton Crips are a large umbrella, made up of several sub-gangs located throughout the city of Compton, California. The Compton Crips were founded by Mac Thomas, in the 1960s. Mac Thomas Compton Crips were allies of the Westside Crips led by Stanley Tookie Williams, who is also the co-founder of the Crips.

Mac Thomas and Tookie Williams were introduced by a mutual friend Raymond Washington, founder of the Eastside Crips and Co-founder of the Crips. However, in 1971, Mac Thomas had resentment towards Raymond Washington for forming an alliance with the Piru Street Family (Piru Crips), who were arch enemies of the Compton Crips. Nevertheless, by 1970, the Piru-Crip alliance soon shattered after constant conflict.

Mac Thomas and Raymond Washington were both arrested on separate occasions. Meanwhile, back on the streets, their gangs broke up into several smaller sub-sets the Original Swap Crips and the Grandee Compton Crips were the first subsets of the Compton Crips to emerge. By the mid-1980s, there were over twenty active street gangs under the Compton Crips umbrella.

Mac Thomas and Raymond Washington shared a similar faith, both were murdered after being released from prison. Mac Thomas, who was the undisputed leader of the Compton Crips turned into a full-time hustler. He was allegedly murdered by his crime partners, for his stake in a robbery heist, according to Blue Rag, Black Redemption: A Memoir By Stanley Tookie Williams.

C.C. Riders

C.C. Riders (Compton Crips Riders) pronounced CC Ridas, and often spelled with a Z (CC Ridaz). The term CC Riders was discovered by Fredrick “Baby Gangster” Staves, who is affiliated with the Santana Blocc Compton Crips. Along with fellow comrade Big Marcellus, together they formed CC Riders in the Los Angeles County Jail, in 1986. Which, consisted of an alliance between all Crip gangs, who falls under the Compton Crips brand.

In Entertainment

The Compton Crips became nationally known during the 1980s and early 1990s, after being linked to the late Eazy-E (of NWA) and MC Ren (of NWA), who grew up in the areas claimed by the Neighborhood Compton Crips and the Kelly Park Compton Crips. In 1990, the Tragniew Park Compton Crips received media attention outside of Compton after being connected to MC Eiht (of C.M.W.) and Tha Chill (of C.M.W.).

In 1993, Bloods & Crips, a rap group consisting of members from rival gangs such as Awol (of Kelly Park), Gangater Bone and BG Scarface (of Atlantic Drive Compton Crips) and Redrum 781 (of Avenue Piru Gang). In 1993, BG Knocc Out and Dresta (brothers) affiliated with the Nutty Blocc Compton Crips signed to Ruthless Records, a music label founded by Eazy-E.

Allies  & Crips

The Compton Crips shared a close alliance with crip sets in the Watts area of South Los Angeles. This alliance is known as the Hub & Dub”  and dates back to the 1980s, according to the Compton Police Department. Hub is another name for Compton (Hub City) and the “Dub” is a reference to the “W” in Watts.

Gangs under the Hub & Dub alliance fought side by side against larger rival gangs in the Los Angeles County Jail. Compton rappers BG Knocc Out and Gangsta Dresta, dedicated a song to this alliance on their debut album (Real Brothers) called “Compton & Watts” in 1995.

The Compton Crips, traditional and oldest rivals are the Compton Pirus, which expanding to neighboring cities such as Carson and Inglewood, California. Other early rivals of the Compton Crips were gangs located in the city of Long Beach, which is dominated by Crips.

For instance, the Southside Crips, located in Compton and the Mac Mafia Crips, located in Long Beach, were involved in a violent feud that resulted in the shooting death of Yetunde Price, the half-sister of Venus and Serena Williams on Sept. 14, 2003.

Nevertheless, these feuds between Compton Crips and Long Beach Crips has dissolved over time with the newer generation, with the exception of the Southside Crips, who remain enemies of all gangs in Long Beach. Most Compton Crips tend to share their neighborhoods with Latino street gangs, due to Compton being one of the smallest cities in the Los Angeles County.

However, racial tension escalated during the early 1990s, after most Latino street gangs started paying taxes to the Mexican Mafia, one of the most violent prison gang in Southern California. The Compton Varrio 155, are perhaps one of the most racial Latino street gangs in Compton, mainly known for their hate crimes against African-Americans with or without gang ties.

The Original Swap Compton Crips and the Compton Varrio 155, have been bitter rivals since the 1970s. On the Eastside of town, the Mona Park Crips, Poccet Hood Crips, and the Anzac Grape Crips, all feud with the Compton Varrio Largos 36. However, the majority of racially motivated feuds, between Compton Crips and Compton Varrio gangs has calmed down.

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