LVM GangLVM Gang (Luzon Visayan Mobsters) occasionally referred to as Luzon Visayan Mindanao was a  mostly Filipino gang located around the San Gabriel Valley and Orange County. The gang presence in the early 1980s to 1990s. It’s  thought that there are still active members in some locations today. The label Luzon and Visayan was named after the 2 districts of the Philippines and the letter “M” was selected after a  3rd, which was Mindanao. Later on down the line  Mindanao was dropped and was renamed to Mobsters. Later on Mindanaowas dropped and was relabeled to Mobsters. Their allies include the Korean Mafias, Sarzana, and Jefrox,  Their enemies include SatanasPinoy Real, Bahalana Gang, Westside Islanders, Koreatown Mafia, Salbaje Boys, and the Family Mobsters.  

Early History

By the early 1990s under the leadership of 21 years of age Peter Lonely, LVM dispersed throughout various other areas and ended up being dominant in cities and  areas like West CovinaOxnard, San Gabriel ValleyCerittos,Yorba Linda, Los angeles, Palma and Fullerton.  As cellular phones were pretty much non-existent at the time, Peter Lonely ordered all  cars to be geared up with CB radios.  The CB radios played a fundamental part in helping with all  gang  activities tasks. He recognized that interaction was the key and  attempted to design LVM after the  L.a  Authorities communication  system. As the gang expanded and grew more powerful, LVM came to be an  international gang  with members including FilipinosKoreansVietnameseThai and a couple of Hispanics and  African-Americans.

 Demonyas Gang and LVM Demise

LVM likewise had female members that were referred to as LVC, which meant Luzon Visaya Chicas. In 1989 an original member of LVM who went by the nickname of Husky  betrayed and double crossed  LVC at the urging of his  sweetheart by having five of the girls brutally beaten by male members of Westside Wilmas a gang  in the Long beach location. The event  was seen  by Peter Lonely who during that time  had actually not yet taken command of LVM. At a meeting the following week. Husky  somehow managed to persuade  many of the senior members of LVM that LVC had actually run with and slept with rival gang enemies and therefore ought to not be trusted or relied on. This however, was not the  honest truth and although Peter Lonely testified in support of LVC, a decision was made in favor of Husky. That evening  finished with Pete Lonely standing  in between LVC and the  firearms of  LVM. In the late 1980s a  last LVM meeting was held at Griffith Park in L.A. There LVM divided into two groups. Those that favored and supported Peter Lonely and those that favored and supported HuskyLVC later on regrouped and altered their name to Demonyas which in the future expanded to be  among  Southern  Ca,  biggest  and most  effective  all girl Asian  gang. Although they asked Peter Lonely to create and lead the male version of  Demonyas, he declined.  A  couple of  months  later down the line senior  of  LVM, at the urging of  Husky, shot up a rival  gang enemy house with automatic guns in a badly thought out plan that led to the apprehension of  key members of the gang. With  spirits  reduced and  significantly damaged, LVM  gradually deteriorated.


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  1. Peter lonely wrote this shit, and that photo is not LVM, maybe peter lonely lvm. Husky was down and LVC were hos sleeping with the enemy. yea we were clicked with Sarzana. But when The og leader of LVM SinBad went to prison the gang became unorganized, but about 10 homies from different cliques joined forces and we surely were not weak we put in work and 86 lonely he was in his own fantasy. Every gang has their time the late 80s to early 90s weak was not LVM. I could give a shit about this wacked article. Peter you fucked up the relationship with the real homies holding it down.

  2. What a dumbass comment.. LVM”s in the United States started in the San Francisco bay area… not LA.. Filipino Gangs are predominantly from the SF Bay Area… even the wah chings are from san francisco, They got chased out and ended up in LA.

    • Majority of Filipino gangs came from Satanas gang that was formed out in Los Angeles in the early 70s. Nobody cares how Wah Ching spread out to So Cal. LVM was weak anyways no other gang took them serious and they were only allies with Cerritos Sarzana. They were clicked up Sarzana LVM. LVM from different areas had different names like Los Valas Malos not Luzon Visayan Mobsters.