The Orange Street Locos (OSL), also known as the Varrio Orange Street Loccos (VOSL) are a small Mexican-American street gang named after Orange Street, between Pioneer Street and Rosecrans Ave located in Norwalk, California. The Orange Street Loccos are the smallest gang in Norwalk, covering only five blocks with around 60 active members.

In the early 1990’s, they made their presence known by taunting passersby, shooting guns in the alleys, fire bombing homes, burning out an African-American family. In 1994, the Los Angeles County District Attorney was granted an injunction against the Orange Street Loccos, barring twenty-two members within a 20-square-block area around Orange Street.

Allies And Rivals

Despite, being the smallest gang in Norwalk, the Orange Street Locos are known to clash with larger and more established gangs such as the Varrio Norwalk and the Artesia Chivas.



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