palmer oak gangster crips

The Palm & Oak Gangster Crips (POGC) are predominantly an African-American street gang situated on the east side of Lynwood, California. Parts of their neighborhood is in Compton, south of the Interstate 105 Freeway. West of Long Beach Blvd and Alpine Avenue, between Oak Street and Palm Ave.

The Palm & Oak Gangster Crips, are part of the “Tray (3x) Gangs” or “Gangster Crips” also known as the “Movin Gangs.” Allies include: the Santana Blocc Compton Crips and the Compton Varrio Tres (Due to the fact they share common rivals, the Mob Piru and the Compton Barrio Los Padrinos 13).

Rivals include: South Side Compton CripsWard Lane Compton CripsNeighborhood Compton CripsKelly Park Compton CripsDuccy Hood Compton CripsAtlantic Drive Compton CripsOriginal Front Hood Compton CripsLynwood Neighbor Hood CripsWest Side PiruMob Piru, and the Cross Atlantic Piru.


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