Playboys 13

The Playboys Gang (PBS), also known as the Playboys 13 (PBS13) or South Side Playboys (nicknamed “Rabbit Gang”) are a notorious Mexican-American criminal street gang established in Los Angeles, California. They adopted the Playboy’s Bunny logo (of Playboy Enterprises) as their symbol.

The Westside PlayBoys (WSPBS), originated during the 1950s in the Pico-Union area of Central Los Angeles. The gang’s stronghold is near Fedora Street, Pico Boulevard, and Normandie Ave. Their neighborhood is adjacent to the Drifters, a Latino street gang located west of Vermont Ave. The Westside Playboys cliques are the Chicos Locos (CLS), Malos (MLS), and the Dukes (DKS). The West Side of South Central is the original barrio for the Playboys 13.

The Eastside PlayBoys (ESPBS), also known as the South Side PlayBoys 13 (SSPBS13) formed in the South Park area of South Central Los Angeles. They originated during the 1970s, dominating a large portion of South Central’s East Side stretching from Vernon Avenue to Slauson Avenue, between Grand Avenue and Central Avenue. The Eastside Playboys cliques consist of the 56th Street, 51st Street, 49th Street, 46th Street, and the 42nd Street.

The Eastside Playboys are one of the oldest Latino street gangs on the East Side of South Central. This was predominantly a black neighborhood with only a few Mexican-American street gangs such as the 38th Street, Florencia 13, Primera Flats, and Clanton 14th Street. In 2006, the Los Angeles District Attorney filed a gang injunction against the West and Eastside subsets of the Playboys, which covers the “South Park” and “Pico Fedora” areas of Los Angeles.

By the 1980s, they had subsets in throughout cities in the Los Angeles and Orange Counties such as Bell Gardens, South Gate, Garden Grove, Burbank, California. The Southside Playboys (SSPBS) are based in the cities of South Gate and Bell Gardens, California. The South Gate Playboys claim territories near Madison Street and Southern Ave. The Bell Gardens Playboys, claim the area east of the 110 Long Beach Freeway near Muller Street and Eastern Ave.

Calvin Hastings, better known by his stage name “Spanky” was a Chicano rapper from the South Gate Playboys who was killed on Father’s Day (2016). He is best known for being the foster-brother to Compton rapper Game, who expressed his condolences on his social media accounts.

Allies & Rivals

The Westside PlayBoys, are allies of the Down Ass Fuck (DAF) and the Mexican-Mafia. They are rivals of the Westside Drifters (DFS), 18th Street Gang (Pico-Union), and the Mara Salvatrucha 13 (MS13). The Westside Playboys and the Westside Drifters attended Berendo Middle and Loyola High Schools, prompting school fights. By 2001, the Westside Playboys controlled most of this area due to them being larger than the Drifters.

The Eastside Playboys are allies of the Carnales 13 and the Wild Boyz. Past allies are the Broadway Gangster Crips and the Avalon Gangster Crips. Their arch enemies are the Florencia 13 (F-13), 38th Street Gang, and the 18th Street Gang. Smaller gangs that view the Playboys 13 as their primary enemies are the 55 Bunch Gang, Hang Out Boyz, 41st Street Gang, and the Mexican Klan 13.

The Southside Playboys in South Gate and Bell Gardens share the same rivalries such as the Bell Garden Locos (BGLCS), Marijuanos Locos (South Gate), and especially the King Kobras (of East Los Angeles). The rivalry between the Southside Playboys and the King Kobras in Bell Gardens area originated in Los Angeles. The Krazy Ass Mexicans or KAM, is another Los Angeles-based street gang who migrated to Bell Gardens.



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