tattoo-girl-dragonThe Black Dragons are a Chinese-American Triad secret society and street gang that was developed in 1980 by Chinese immigrants in Lincoln Heights, Ca. The Black Dragon was one the most ruthless and feared Asian gang in the Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Valley. They used intimidation mob tactics on middle-class Asian-American business owners, such as extortion  and paying for protectionThey mainly feud with other Asian Gangs and Hispanic Gangs, this gang was involved in counterfeiting, prostitution, money, extortion, drug trafficking, racketeering, and money laundering. The Dragons has a reputation for committing murder, assault, robbery, arms trafficking, auto theft, and burglary. These criminal activities also led to the creation of the FBI Black Dragons Taskforce, the gang slowly dissolved after one of the biggest gang sweeps in 2002, FBI agents all at once raided and apprehended  30 of  its key members.



Court May Have Slain Black Dragon

18 Black Dragons arrested


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