Dell Dog

Ladell Edward Rowles (born 1965), also known as Del Dog, was a prominent member of the 84 Main Street Mafia Crips and founder of IV Life Records, also known as IV Life Family and Mafia IV Life Car Club. Rowles grew up on the East Side of South Los Angeles (formerly known as South Central L.A.), in area dominated by the Main Street Mafia Crips.

In the 1990’s, Dell Dog became known for his relationships with celebrities in the Entertainment world, especially his close friendship with retired professional basketball player Shaquille “Shaq” O’Neal. In the early 2000’s, Del Dog and his record company (IV Life Records) released a string of music, including mixtapes such as Iv Life Mixtape Vol 1.4 and Bases Loaded.  

These albums commonly featured well-known established such as Tha Chill (of Compton Most Wanted) and Tray Deee & Goldie Loc (of Tha EastSidaz) and CPO Boss Hogg (of Death Row Records).

In The News

On Feb. 11, 2008, Del Dog and six other men affiliated with the Main Street Mafia Crips, were accused of kidnapping, robbing and torturing Robert Ross, former business partner of Shaquille O’Neal. Who allegedly threat to expose a sex tape of O’Neal cheating on his wife with several women.

Ross walked into the Los Angeles Police Department’s 77th Street Division, and told police he was kidnapped. He also told authorities that the kidnappers were acting on behalf of the former Lakers star, when he was abducted at gunpoint on the Sunset strip in West Hollywood. However, in 2011, the judge dropped charges against the seven Main Street Mafia Crips.

Shooting Death Of Landell Rowles

On July 9, 2015, Dell Dog was fatally shot with a rifle during an argument near Broadway and Century Blvd in South Los Angeles. officers were sent to investigate reports of a shooting only to find a 50-year-old African-American male suffering from a gunshot wound. Rowles eventually died at the died at scene.

The suspect fled the scene. Anyone with information regarding the shooting incident is urged to contact the Los Angeles Police Department at (213) 972-7828. All tips can be made anonymously by calling Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-TIPS.



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  1. Yeah, you killed him or should I say ambushed him. But the point is: you still a bum, you still broke you still on (GR) general Relief , and you still ride the bus in between raggedy cars, and you will probably die on (SSI) Social Security Income which is $667.00 a month. And that punishment enough for now

  2. Last year ago on this date at this very time 11:37 pm, I lost my best friend, the love of my life I miss you more than words can ever say. I never had the chance to say goodbye or how much it was a blessing having you in my life for 16 years and we have known each other since kids. My God keep you and our son in peace

    May God bless both your souls in Jesus name. Amen

  3. There’s a million police cars racing down Hoover st. There are two helicopter hubbering over Main St and Hoover St. I hope everyone is safe and no more violence

  4. Dont believe rocco. When you r accused of being a dope dealer. With high rankings. Or was a drug dealer and your black. They lable this drug deal gone bad and they lie to the family as if their investigating. Their not its all a lie. Allso rocco. Is a fake. Do not listen to him.

      • Prolly deserved it. Knocked on the devil’s door his whole life, and ol’ boy answered one day.

      • And I can’t wait until the Hoovers come knocking at your door. And see you run like a little bitch in heels 😂😂😂😂.

      • Just like yo momma deserve to have her fat ass shot off for having a piece of shit like you coming out of it

    • On Nigger! “Their” is a POSESSIVE Pronoun. You KEEP using it the wrong way, you God Damn ignorant Nigger. You should be saying
      “They’re” as in they are. You still don’t understand the difference. You leaving out the verb. You sound like an idiot.

      HOW THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW THAT IT THERE IS NO INVESTIGATION???? NOBODY EVER SAID IT WAS A DRUG DEAL GONE BAD. Maybe you know some information you are with holding? Maybe that’s why you are SO BOTHERED and OBSESSED with this On Black Bullshit and watch EVERY WORD I SAY???????

      • Correction:
        1). How do you know there is no investigation? Not true.
        2). No one ever said it was a drug deal gone bad.
        3). What makes you say it was a drug deal gone bad?
        4). No wonder you are so fucking obsessed with every word I say and made postings to tell people to ignore me.
        5). What the fuck are you afraid of?

        You’re info was just run.
        Sincerely, Rocco

  5. Nobodys dropping names. This site is police monitered. For stupid ass niggas. Mark my word pay attention to your surroundings ciose attention. Shits about 2. Happen between homies.

  6. This shit is bigger then dell r u. Did not say i was a g. But i have herd n seen a lot of shit. Main st was behind his murder. Trust nobody. I dont gear for myself. Just family. Cee fateful

    • Can anybody tell me why crips fight and shoot other crips. This doesn’t happen in the blood gangs they are loyal to each other. Why do crips fight and kill other crips. Why can’t you guys bt loyal and stick together like the bloods

      • Bloods kill other Bloods also, just NOT AS MUCH or AS OFTEN as Crips. Crips greatly OUTNUMBER Bloods, so the Blood/Pirus are a little more cautious of fighting each other.

        Crips all basically hate each other. The Crip LABEL attached to the name of a particular Neighborhood Set actually MEANS NOTHING. It’s Nigger against Nigger. The Niggers are ALL JEALOUS of each other and have extreme Inferiority Complexes. They are always out to prove something.
        Del Rowles, for example, was a very prominent guy who was above a lot of that shit. It was Nigger jealousy that was against him.

        There is NO loyalty in the Nigger Street World for the reasons stated. These Street Niggers would sell out their own Mother for the right price. We have LOTS of street informants.
        Believe me when I tell you, these Niggers all HATE each other and the Crip/Blood/Piru Label is all a bunch of bullshit Nigger Fantasy.

    • I told her a long time ago that at least a couple of Main St Crips were behind the murder. Niggers are always jealous of each other and there was a lot of JEALOUSY towards Del Rowles.

      • No thanks, I hate Street Niggers and Dope Dealers because they ALL end up in Jail or get killed. I’m very happy and lucky to have NOT been born a low class, uneducated Street Nigger in some Shithole Ghetto in a Fucked up Family with a Crack Whore Mother like what happened to you. It’s a totally disgusting sorry Life. LMAO

      • Im just glad your racist ass isnt in my region SHARP Skins would eat you alive

      • Maybe you don’t understand. It’s a criminal ongoing investigation. Information is Confidential. All I can say is that it was (in our opinion) a Crip on Crip murder.

      • You talking about Main St. takeover, honey please. You mean the Hoover take over. Lol!!!!!
        Them Hoovers ain’t playing with halls ass. Lol!!!! Run forest Run!!!!!

  7. Fool u a dumb ass inter net nigga police moniter this shit just take notice to what i say true shit. U know it. Cee careful when u drop names. Shits about to start.

    • Whatever, give me your name what do you fear. I’m not a cop if you know Dell you know me don’t say anonymous, then I think you are not a g. If you don’t I understand. My baby didn’t fear shit he stood up to a rifle he’s a real g death before honor.

      I love you Dell with all my heat to the soul of my body

  8. Cuzz their was several main str crips waiting to smoke dell. You dont fucc with people money and think its all good. Anybody can get touched.when u start slippen. M.s.c. takeover.

    • First of all nobody smoked Dell. Let’s get that clear!! Why you got to plot. How come you didn’t step up to him face to face like men. That hide behind the bushes and throw rocks shit I’m not with that never have been. Go straight to the source say what I need to say even if I hit my teeth knocked out I confronted you by my self head on. I had a friend that gang bang by himself. I never saw anything like that til this day. He would go in blood neighborhood call out his set and fight about 10 niggas at once. You guys wouldn’t DARE do that. You guys run in packs, shoot from behind.

    • Some of you og’s know who I’m talking about when I said the homie gang bang by himself his name was TQ. Now impres me and tell me your name, please do not write anonymous and you want me to believe you were one of the cats waiting to smoke Dell.

      I knew the hardest of hardcore surge knights and my boy Tookie (rip) so you can’t get one over me. Tell me your name if you don’t I understand

    • Shut your scary ass no balls wolf pussy ass up. If you didn’t say it then we don’t won’t to hear it now. You Are not any Main St I know, They say what they mean. And mean what hey say. You sound more like a little bitch!! I here by kick your sorry scary ass out of the crips. You belong with the boys on Santa Monica Bl. You are dismissed BITCH!!!!

      And don’t you ever ever claim Main St again ok Don’t do that

  9. on Black rocco thinks he bothers us with his words.he does not.what bothers him is no response from the people he would love to b. Peace On Black. My Nigga

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  11. Rocco u still stupid. Well first off u could never do or say anything 2 upset me so lets just get that out the way. But 4 a person that has so much education u love one word”nigger”. U had said if u where black u would have killed urself by now, then y u still here. The word “nigger” by man definition and i mean “white man” definition, nigger means ignore so u r showing ur ignore and u r the only “nigger” on this site so y haven’t u killed urself u dumb nigger. And stop saying this ur site and what u using it for. U ain’t doing shit believe me and when u get caught by the police r a black man. Don’t cry like a little bitch and start saying it not me, or don’t put me in their wit them. I can’t wait 2 hear about u on date line. Rocco u stupid.

    • Well, obviously from the FOUR responses you made JUST today, You can say what ever you want but I BOTHER THE SHIT OUT OF YOU. You are an uneducated, ignorant, black ghetto ebonic Nigger.
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  12. Rocco! ur stupid. Rocco ain’t nothing but a reality show that we can’t see. I feel very sorry 4 his mother because she probably take very good care of him. She cleans his basement area, wash his clothes, give him gas money 2 go 2 his make believe job which is 8 to 9hr spent at the park. Rocco had a rough day at the park trying 2 keep people from seeing him write that shit. Any man that has 2 feel good by making other people feel bad is a sad case 4 a man. Rocco is the person when he ever get caught doing what he doing, he’ll swear up and down it’s not him. Saying shit like i promise 2 god it wasn’t me ” don’t put me in there wit them” he is the boy in the hood that do all the blooding and cripin but ain’t gone kill shit and ain’t gone let shit die.

    • I’m glad I BOTHER you so much and I’m glad you got it all figured out in your limited, uneducated, Ghetto Mind. Too bad you’re way off and it is all wishful thinking on your part since you are so thin skinned and easily offended being an insecure Nigger with a huge Inferiority Complex.
      Your last sentence “aintgone kill shit and aint gone let shit die” MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE AT ALL AND ISN’T EVEN CLOSE TO BEING LITERATE.
      You know what I say: ON NIGGER, ON NIGGER, ON NIGGER!!! LOL

    • Just like I thought , revenge you are a coward as soon as they mentioned your ass would be picked up for threats it’s like crickets crickets. And you wanted me to believe you went looking for DD lol!!!!! You looked real quick!!!!

  13. On Black. Why r u still fucken with Love on this site. Respect yourself n his Family. Rocco needs u 4 entertainment. Fuck rocco hes a fake ass fraud. Aids carrying sick bitch. Please dont respond to him. I dont even belive hes white. On Black Peace

    • If I were a Nigger, I would have already committed suicide. LOL

      This is OUR Site, not your Site. It was put up for a reason.
      The reason is to gather information to help put dumb, ignorant Niggers like you in Jail. If you don’t like it, get off the fucking Site and go rob or rape or kill some other Nigger which comes natural to people like you. ON NIGGER.

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      • Well I think your gay, it you a jealous bitch. The only thing your complaining about is that I love him and a ring WTF. If someone murder or whatever in my family and you claim to be this no non sense gangster hardcore I would simply walk yes nigga WALK up in there hood and do what it do. So what they being said you are a low budget bitch What hood are you from lol!!!! Santa Monica Bl Lol!!! Bitch shut yo ass up. You ain’t gone walk up in nobodies hood nigga. You gone drive through real fast. You fake ass Wesley snipes looking out of shape pot belly pig. No your not prejudice your just a hating ass bitch. Don’t be mad because he got a bad red bone bitch on side. If you would have came at me right I would have told you how to get a bad bitch, now I not telling you nothing. Keep missing with those bald bitches by birth that look like the wide receivers from the Chicago Bulls. Your bitches look like pit bulls

      • I’m gonna find you bitch. as long as you keep talkin you shit, my bitches are fine and they will help me find you. you the bitch who had his kid. not hard to find.
        check around and ask sum more questions in his hood.

      • We’re do you stay. What’s your name. I’m sure nobody is going to snitch what’s your name

      • You never answered my question HOW COME YOU NEVER FOUND DELL but your goning to find me lol!!!!! Hint. I don’t live in the hood boo lol!!! HOW COME YOU DIDNT LOOK FOR DELL. Lol!!! How come you won’t answer me !!!!!!!! Answer me!!!!!!

      • how you know I never look for del? he dead isn’t he? other niggas got him first. you run you hoe mouth way to much bitch. now I give you a hint. niggas have been smoked for less than you runnin you mouth. long as you keep talkin shit, I find you. don’t matter you don’t live in his hood.

      • I know you ain’t never looked for Del mutha fucka cuz you would have found him bitch ass he ain’t never hide. You scary ass don’t nobody fear yo ass. Dell been here for yrmesrd he ain’t just got dead and nigga you didn’t kill him And I say with the fuck I wanna say.

        We see you come get me.

      • Correction Del been here for years. He didn’t just die and sint none of y’all bitch ass niggas killed him. Just like with ice cube nigga bragging. But you ain’t the mutha fucka who knocked him out. Just like surge knight. Nigga you sucker punched him. Got damn I hate a fake nigga. Jesus they don’t make them like they use to

        But the homies asked me not to responded any more do this is my last time addressing you. Have a bad day

      • we see how fake I am when I find you bitch. keep runnin the hoe mouth. even you asshole muthafuccin nigga who I glad got smoked would tell you to shut you mouth. you talk way to much bitch.

      • You ain’t looked for nobody , because if you looked for him you wouldn’t be breathing And he didn’t get smoked. You sound jealous I believe you are a jealous ass bitch. You still never answered my question , you are only worried about me and Dell”s relationship, you haven’t mention your “relative ” but once in the later comments prior that sounds fishy which leaves me to believe you are some jealous girl mad So at this point bye Frlicia girl bye

      • you wish I was a girl, bitch. you hopin I’m a girl.
        you nigger dead in a coffin. he got smoked. no other way to look at it. keep runnin you mouth, you next. you had his kid, not hard to find. dumb bitch who don’t know when to quit.

      • He’s not on a cheap ass coffin like your dead ass raggedy rotten people He’s in the wall bitch like a boss suppose to be. Now I’m going to make a video because I can sing my ass off so I won’t be to hard to find. Shout out to my homie Dwayne Cross you name will be mentioned, for taking care of me and you didn’t even know me. I hope to find a way to give you my email to get in touch with you ? We are going to have to figure this out. I do need to talk to you because I do want to give you a shout out in the song.

        It will be remake of the late Minnie Riperton “loving You” dedicated to Ladell. My friends and co workers in courage me to do this months ago and put it on you tube So now I’m ready

      • @Dwayne the Nigger
        Her email address is

        @Revenge, the Nigger
        Her son was never actually born. Not as easy as you think to find her. Warning: Stay away from her because she is under investigation for questioning. Your I.P. address is being obtained and a court order will now allow us to get all your information for making threats against her.
        Fuck your dead Nigger relative.

        Sincerely, Rocco

      • Hahaha, like the man said fuck your dead relative lol!!!!! Couldn’t have said it better lol!!!!

  16. del was a no good nigga bastard who was involved in killing my relative. if I find out where you live, i will take that fucking ring and shove it down you nigga hoe throat until you choke to death.

    • You bitch ass butter teeth dusty busted ass coward. She should have kick his ass then Now you want to talk shit now that he’s gone to someone who is perfectly innocent. You need to go wash that stinking booty hole if yours. And the mood I’m in right now. I think you would rather tongue kiss an alligator than to fuck with me right about now and I’m not a gang hanger or anything. And about the nicest person you will ever meet, but right If I was you I wouldn’t FUCK with me right about now. With your ugly duck fat ass, you moose mouth black bullfrog

      • it called revenge. you come on here talkin you nigga shit bout how you love del and he gave a fucking ring and how great he was in real life. that muthafuckin nigger killed my innocent relative so when I find you, I repeat, I will take that muthafuckin ring and shove it down you nigga throat till you choke to death. he kill my innocent relative, so I kill his relative (you) who has the mutherfuckin nerve to come on this site and brag bout that fuckin nigga who killed my relative. I hope that nigga is eaten by the worms in his coffin.

  17. It will be a year in July, that I lost Dell, I just want him to that loving you was easy because your beautiful, and everything that I do is out of loving you. And loving you is more than just a dream come true, and every time that we…..I’m more in love with you. This ring meant that we would stay together til we grew older and we would live each day in spring time , because loving you has made my life so beautiful

    Dedicated to Ladell Rowles
    I Love you Ladell

  18. On Black no one is responding to him anymore. So hes looking 4 attention. Hes not law. Hes just sick and weird and a coward. Do not respond to him anymore please. on Black.

    • You can tell that to Sgt. Marina, the other Officer who is on here and to the Niggers we put in Jail. LOL
      You’re the one who is a Nigger Coward, takes great offense to everything, keeps responding to me AND posts with the name “Anonymous”. At least I use my real name.

  19. Anyone who knows me knows that my love for Ladell and our baby son is priceless. I would give my soul to the devil if I could change that night, even I would have pushed your sick sadistic redneck backwoods bald square shape gate mouth fat pig ass in the line of fire. You’re stupid white trash to say those stupid things and you don’t know me or Dell. And to say these stupid things where his family can read read this. You really should be reported to our district counsel men concerning your conduct unbecoming of a law enforcement as you claim. I know are counsel man Herb Wesson personally. If you continue to taint this family and web site I will report your stupid ass. If your indeed law enforcement which I truly doubt you could ever pass the psychological test because your obviously stupid I will file a claim on your stupid white trash ass

    • And you’re a phony street criminal Nigger loving White hating Bitch who supports the same people that killed Del Rowles.

      You said if you know one White person, then you know them all.
      I have it in writing. That really is a dumb ignorant statement.
      So, you go ahead and choose some idiot white serial killer and say he represents 200 million white people. You DON’T know me or my mother or 199 million 900 thousand other White people in the same way you say I DON’T KNOW you or your son.
      IF YOU REALLY ARE the mother of Del Rowles Child, you should not be supporting these street criminal Niggers.
      Do you UNDERSTAND????????
      Does your family APPROVE of you supporting Street criminal Niggers who killed Del Rowles?????????????????????????????????
      I don’t know how else to explain it and get it through your Nigger Head.

  20. HaHaHaHa is a phony Nigger Bitch who was the product of Incest like most Niggers and hardly even knew Del Rowles. However, she has come on here PRETENDING to be the grieving widow and yet supports all street Niggers including the ones responsible for Del Rowles death which is still under investigation.
    Does that make ANY FUCKING SENSE AT ALL????????????????????????????????????????
    She is a bullshitting Liar and has even MADE FUN of the investigation.
    Grieving widow????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Bullshit. Fucking Nigger Liar.

  21. I miss you Ladell, not a day goes by I don’t think of you. I miss your voice , I miss your pretty teeth and your pretty smile. I miss and love you for life 💔💔💔💔💔

  22. Yesterday was my first day at the gym since Dell has been gone. I hadn’t realized it had been 9 months. I swear it seems like it was just the other day or week. I worked out for 2 hours it felt great and I’m definitely looking forward to working out tomorrow But I even though I think about Dell every single day. I miss and love you Dell.

    You are my heart and soul for life

  23. Happy Easter Dell. This will be our first Easter apart. I going to miss you in your flamboyant suits at church
    Rest in peace with our son. I miss and love you both

    God bless

  24. To Dwayne Cross

    I’m learning how to deal with my grieve. I just wanted to thank you, how you rush to my defense when people were coming for me at my lowest point in my life and you never met me. I’m very grateful and I will never forget this

    Thank you

  25. And watch that bitch!!! Don’t call me a bitch no more. Because if Dell was alive you would never address me as such. You don’t disrespect me now

  26. no because of scary niggas like you. And you are not my mutha fucken father I watch my back and my front cuz I can’t depend on no mutha fucker to watch it for me. So while you trying to come for a girl go for those nigga who blast your hood

  27. No. Wonder the homie got smoked his bitches were dumb told the silly ass hood rat bitch stop posting cuzz name watch yo self bitch on crip

  28. Fuck you You are a dumb bitch. You see these ratchet ass mutha fuckas coming for me because I wrote a moths fucken valentines decades to Dell You fucken coward. And you come for me. I had a child for him too our baby boy is DEAD I had his family too. And you help these bitches disrespect me My pain is sooo fucken deep I can’t breathe at times my baby and Dell is gone. Fuck you don’t you disrespect me

  29. Stupid. Bitch. Stop Posting the. Niggas Name. Show. Respect For. The Family Kids. Bro. Sis. Mom dad. Cousins. All. Most of. All your not respecting. Yourself. With the bullshit i woulnot b with none of u if u. Disrepected my family. Your both are doing stupid. Shit

  30. And if he so disloyal!!!! she sure want him. And speaking of dis loyal and ratchet. You were willing to date a married man. So what does that say about your hoe ratchet character. The only thing that saved your hoe ass is that he wasn’t married. But thank you again for telling me he considered me his wife

  31. Anonymous , shut your gay goat mouth ass up!!! You are just jealous. Don’t hate on Dell. Just do better. If you know better you would do better. Just do better I know there is someone out there that will love you the way I loved Dell. I believe you doll do better. Like brush your teeth, wash your ass, clean your eyes out in the morning that’s mean was your face and by all means put cologne on. Those are my tips got today

  32. Lol!!! you mad!!!! If you mad about the ring, you should see the beautiful bracelet. That thing will make you commit suicide. I’m so grateful and bless to have had Dell in my life.

  33. You got nothing except a ring of mockery cuz he came to me AFTER he met you, girl. He needed more than you stinky pussy. At least he was honest wit me and he gave me gifts that was none of your business, bitch.

  34. If I coulda woulda , it not that simple, it wasn’t like that!! Bitch I got the ring and you don’t the best bitch won. That Mrs. Bitch ooh!!! Lol!!! That was a good one too. That pussy had him saying I Do!!!

    • like lady you really sound Like a retarded FUCKING DUMBASS you really make the
      Young sisters coming up looking at
      YOU look even lower SOMETHING I LEARN
      with no loyalty is called handcuffing
      A trick to keep her from doing to him
      What’s he’s doing to her on a daily.
      THAT call Tricking. BREAK HER HEART
      BUY YOU RING BREAK HEART AGAIN buy car break heart again buy you a house

      An YOUR to STUPID to understand
      That there’s a difference between
      Being treated like QUEEN THAN BEING
      Around your finger when he steps
      All over your H.E.A.R.T
      1 WHEN HE HOME .

      • Do you mean to tell me a pimp is your mentor, you’re even dumber than I thought

        Sit your stupid monkey add up!!!!!!

  35. And bitch you are irrelevant , my pussy is better than yours, if yours was so good , he would have taken the ring back and gave it to you. That’s what kind of nigga he was. FYI. He had just asked to his Mrs. Idiot!!!

    • It wasn’t that simple like you say and your pussy stink like your foul mouth, girl. You the one who is the bitch on this page. lot of people including that one brotha who told you to shut your mouth and move on hate you. You a foul mouth bragging bitch and Del loved me more than you, ring or no ring.

      • I have never said it wasn’t that simple. It was just that simple Dell wasn’t married , but thank you for telling me he already considered me his wife.

        Thank you

  36. He met you and still asked me to be his Mrs. So know your place and stay there. Like he had you. Don’t be mad at me because he asked me to wife him. Your beef is not with me. Why are you upset with me because you want Dell. That has nothing to do with me. I just got that I do p……sy. Lol!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂. Ooh that’s was funny!!!! I’m telling you one of you rappers should make a song with that title. That’s a hit

    • I’m not mad at nobody. If he had met me first, he would have married me. That’s all I’m sayin, girl. You LUCKY cause he met you first and was ALREADY married when I met him. You can keep your ring. At least our relationship wasn’t a mockery, girl.

  37. The ring can’t love you, girl. The man has to love you. I’m not mad bout the ring at all.
    the ring don’t mean anything without loyalty. he gave you the ring only cause he met you before me. He used the ring to make a mockery of your relationship, girl. The fact you accept that he had me or anyone else shows that you a fool. every time you look at the ring, think of me.

  38. That ring just meant he asked me to be his Mrs. If you mad about that ring. You should have seen the ring he gave me when we were pregnant with our son

    • You are crazy!!! Bitch when I look at that ring. I’m going to think of the night he gave it to me at the beautiful hotel resort Marriott on the boat. That was the most beautiful hotel I’ve ever seen dnd the wonderful night I ever had. So when I look at that ring I will always be forever grateful that I had Dell in my life.

  39. He still love me the best, ring or no ring, girl. He gave me other things. You think you special wit your bragging. I knew you but you didn’t know me. I came after you that’s why got your ring. Your ring don’t mean he love you the best.

    • That ring means he was giving me his last name. That ring means he asked me to be his Mrs. at a beautiful resort hotel on a yacht Not girlfriend not side chick. If he didn’t tell me anything about you that should tell you something so know your place in the back ground. He left you in the back of the line and that’s where I’m going to keep you.


  41. When you get mad, girl, talk very nasty and sound like a nasty, angry nigga sista.
    Del liked my sweetness which was more feminine than you. As far as your daughter, it has nothing to do with what a nasty bitch you can be. Del gave me other things besides a ring. A couple of those white boys showed everyone who has ever read this page what you really like, sista. You should have never let them expose you. You got a ugly trash mouth, girl. Something Del never did like about you. You should’ve been a gangsta instead of him. He was nicer then you.

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    So don’t be mad at me

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  44. Like I said I say what I want, I’m just not scared to say what I feel or how I feel, when I feel it. This is a site decades to Dell. I look beyond the gang activity and I see things differently. I saw the good in Dell. Just like I see these men handwriting skills and how they created their own language , it’s amazing. So I see amazing in everyone

  45. But I have the degree and you don’t. I’m making the money and your not. So who cares I’m only talking to your stupid ass, so I don’t have to be articulate My 23 year old child is a medical doctor and I know no one in your trailer trash family has never been to college Now!!!!

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    • It should read: ” Even though “OUR” child, NOT “ARE” child. You are a Dumb Uneducated Nigger. I know, here comes something about my Mother who you don’t even know. LMAO. You have NO CLASS and are just plain fucking Stupid.

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    • It should be spelled “where”, NOT ” were”. You really are a dumb uneducated Nigger with NO CLASS in posting something about Del on a Gang Site. That anonymous guy who called you out on it, like I did awhile back, is 100% correct. But, hey, do what you want, it only makes Del The Dead Nigger look bad and make you look like a complete desperate Idiot. Now, go ahead and mention something about my Mother who you don’t know, like that really hurts me. LMAO

  49. Happy Valentine’s Day Ladell,I never would have imagine this day without you. I love you and miss you so much it hurts at time. You and our baby boy will always be my angels

    Love you both forever 💔💔💔💔💔

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  56. The funny thing is that you DON’T KNOW ME so how can you know my Mother? It doesn’t make any sense. LOL You sound like a dumb desperate Nigger. On the other hand, People KNEW your Nigger named Del so they CAN MAKE ACCURATE COMMENTS ABOUT HIM.

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    If some people hate your Nigger, you should just ignore this Blog. The more you talk and try to defend him, the worse it becomes for you. The guy is dead and people are entitled to their own opinion about him, especially, if there is a web page almost trying to Glorify him.

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    Haven’t you heard the old saying “The hunter becomes the prey”

  62. And your not SMART. Don’t under estimate your component. You don’t know if I know you are not. Let’s not go there. You don’t know who’s at a disadvantage

    • It’s OPPONENT, not “component”. What can I say? You’re just an ignorant Nigger. You don’t know me at all but I knew your dead Nigger. You’re at a huge disadvantage.

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      Here is just ONE: According to the Surgeon General of the United States of America, it has been proven that the AIDS Virus ORIGINATED in Africa as a result of Africans HAVING SEX WITH MONKEYS. Then it was brought here to the States in the early 1980’s by Niggers migrating from Africa to the U.S.
      So, go fuck a Monkey you stupid Nigger and it will be the same as fucking your dead Nigger, Del.

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    • You don’t know my Mother and my ancestors came from Europe, not the hills of Kentucky where your Nigger Ancestors were Slaves.
      BTW, did you hear? Del Dog the Nigger is dead and he was a Doctor PRENTENDING to be in a Crip set. LMAO

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    I love when white people get mad because my daughter is young and a doctor

    • It’s NOT “should have went”, it’s “SHOULD HAVE GONE”. Yeh, it’s the Del Rowles Doctor/Lawyer Nigger Clinic in beautiful downtown Compton. LMAO

    • LOL. All the members of the 84 main Street Crips are Lawyers and Doctors according to this stupid Nigga Widow Bitch. She is actually very funny. This is a very entertaining page.

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    With Niggers it’s the COMPLETE OPPOSITE: 90% of Black people are Niggers, some worse than others (like the Niggers in these gangs) and 10% of Black people are decent, some better than others. That’s the bottom line.

  97. It’s OUR children, not ARE children. LOL You are a dumb ignorant uneducated Nigger Whore. Your people brought the AIDS Virus here because they live like animals in Africa. YOU CAN’T PROVE ANYTHING you say about White people. I can prove everything with Facts. Quite using spell check as an excuse. You’re a dumb Nigger Whore and Del ALWAYS was chasing after that White skirt since the Nigger Woman is on a LOWER scale of evolution compared to the White woman. That’s why the pure Negroes have Monkey features. You can’t handle the truth and you can’t prove ANYTHING YOU SAY. My statements are backed up with statistics and facts. You’re just ANOTHER stupid Nigger street Whore like the ones in all the Nigger Rapper Songs. LMAO

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  99. It’s spelled KNOW not NO, you dumb Nigger. LOL
    Can’t argue with the Facts. Look it up and read it for yourself. The AIDS Virus ORIGINATED IN AFRICA because of some tribal Niggers having sex with Monkeys.
    Look it up and read about it, that is, if you KNOW how to read. LOL

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  101. Just the opposite, Nigger. The Aids Virus originated in AFRICA with the Niggers.
    That is a fact. It came about with some Niggers having sex with Monkeys who were actually their close ancestors. The gibberish you say has no facts. You’re just a hurt woman because your Nigger got killed, so you make up anything thinking it will be insulting. It only shows your Nigger ignorance. What I say are BACKED UP BY FACTS from the Government. Now, come on here ONCE AGAIN and say goodbye for the fourteenth time. LOL

  102. You’ve said goodbye or dismissed or gone with the wind now about 12 times. LMAO
    Can’t stalk a dead man, Nigger. You need to accept the fact that Del was basically another Dumb Street NIGGER who got killed by another Nigger. We know it was another Nigger. We just need to find him. It ‘s a free Country and that’s MY OPINION.
    You can come on here 1,000 times and my opinion won’t change.
    Now, come on here ONCE AGAIN and say dismissed or goodbye for the thirteenth time. LOL.

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  105. For the last time Nigger, I don’t give a fuck about your daughter. This Web page is NOT about your Nigger daughter. if she is a psychiatrist. Then get some counseling and medication from her. LOL.

  106. Hi blue mustang

    I meant to hit the 6 bottom instead of the 7 bottom. But your absolutely right. And you were very respectful

    Thank you. I’m not going to use the word dismissed to you that doesn’t apply to you. I have an Mercedes that’s what I will to sign out

  107. Hi blue mustang

    I meant to hit the 6 bottom instead of the 7 bottom. But your absolutely right. And you were very respectful

    Thank you. I’m not going to use the word dismissed to you that doesn’t apply to you. I have an Mercedes that’s what I will to sign out

  108. You how stupid you are. I wasn’t going to answer you , but black women got to say something no matter what. You brought it up that I was a doctor, I was correcting you idiot!!!! Damn you see I said you guys have retarded children. You are the prime example you see what happened when your mother fucked her brother, now here you are with your stupid ass Are maybe I should speak red neck haha !!! Ooh that was a good one. Anyway, but if no one cares why are you talking to me. Be gone.

    You are jealous of Dell, my daughter the DOCTOR, I love saying that to white people and watch their faces. Hahaha. Then here comes a million questions. You guys are such haters

  109. What does your daughter have to do with the Fact that Del was a Street Nigger Criminal who got killed by another Nigger? He probably wasn’t even her Father.
    You know how unstructured and fucked up the Nigger Family is in America. Statistically, 75% of all Nigger Babies are born out of wedlock. This is WAYYYYY higher than any other Race. Lastly, This web page was about your Nigger getting killed, has Nothing to do with anything else. And, guess what, nobody fucking cares. LOL.

  110. Now you see how stupid you are. Stay with I know you are white and all but try to act like you are smart. I said my child is a doctor She practice in the east. Don’t hate. You hating on Dell because he had it all. And he was jet black bald and fine. Ooh did it just get hot in here? Anyway. Now stop hating on my baby because she has her MEDICAL DEGREE. I can’t help it if your trashy momma couldn’t afford to put your stupid ugly box shape body to college

    • I don’t hate anybody. LOL. I’m just telling you that you are a bullshitting Nigger and that your Nigger man got what was coming to him by another Nigger. That’s it, Nothing more, nothing less.

  111. Not my Dell I know my Dell wouldn’t have any of your white trashy women. Dell had everything a white man wanted Remember Dell drove cars you only CAN dream of driving because it cost more than your house , if you have one. If he ever did have a white girl it was only to be put out on the hoe stroll where she belongs. Because you know down through history white women wanted our beautiful black men in slavery days as in today. So if Dell did want those thirsty AIDS invested rotten wolf cucchie trust me he could have.

    Especially when had me. Smart , very good job, educated , a child Doctor , and yet but not least a bad pretty bitch all in one. And with a build in tan. I was looking at my skin while I was in the shower this morning saying damn my shit is so pretty. So with that being said I have to go because I’m going to look for a new convertible car. So ……

    • As the famous White Rock group Aerosmith said: Dream On, Street Nigger, Dream On. We know you are NOT a Doctor. If you all of a sudden became a Doctor, where’s your Practice? You are a sorry disillusioned Street Nigger who can’t handle the fact that your cheating Nigger man got gunned down in the street like the Nigger Loser he was in real life. The best part is that ANOTHER Nigger killed him. LMAO.

  112. Okay, Whatever you say. You know better than the 6 Nigger informants who all told the same story not knowing who the other 5 informants were at the time. LMAO Niggers ARE ALWAYS trying to go out with a White woman, ALWAYS. Any White woman who does go with a Street Nigger has low self esteem OR is White Trash.

  113. Dell wouldn’t have a white women, their full of diseases Just look at your children you’re children are usually retarded. That’s because of incest you guys are all related And when you guys are ugly you guys are fucked up and wrinkled Long ass nose. Please with y’all ugly retarted ass kids

    Dell would never leave this red Carmel skin big titts small ass waist big ass beautiful thighs with jet black short hair cut. For y’all raggedy AIDS deform wolf pussy stanky white trash

    And you know damn well we black girls don’t won’t y’all red pink little dick long nose stanky white boys. Instead of a beautiful black bald headed stallion hahaha!!!! Hell fucken no!!!!

    And white people has sex with animals too. you probably have sex with your dogs

    • Okay, what ever you say. You know better than the 6 Nigger informants who all told the same story not knowing what the other had said about it. No problem. LMAO

  114. This Crazy Nigger Whore needs to see a Doctor. and I don’t mean a Medical Doctor. LOL
    The Nigger Female is inferior to White women. She generally looks like a Monkey or a Baboon. She is on a LOWER LEVEL of evolution. That’s why Del, the dead Nigger, was always chasing after a White woman so he could try and ELEVATE himself to a Higher level in Life. However, looks like the chasing is over. LOL.

  115. And I hope your illegitimate poor trash kids and your grand kids die too. I hope your all white thrashy, cancer having family die except your dog tho. I love animals

  116. Your scary sorry bad breath rashy white poor son of a whore and son of a fag cancer disease ass couldn’t kill a fly. If I trace your son of a whore ass, and my people step up to you , your red ass would shit in your pants like all the rest of your scary coward talk shit on the internet ass just like All honkies do. Please you couldnt bust a grape that’s why you are talking shit on the blog. You will never convince me you are a bad ass a serial killer yes, a homosexual who wants Dell, yes. But you are not hard

    Now look you black roach. You are worst than a yeast infection. Go die, I wish that cancer would eat your body away as I type be gone

  117. Why dont this nigger hoe ass ghetto bitch shut her mouth we killed your nigger. Not hoovers. U did it. Aryran nation and we will kill more niggers. With status. Bitch.

  118. If you’re so annoyed, then why do you keep responding? LOL. Can’t you see the taunting and insulting will continue because you’ve exposed your vulnerability and some people know it bothers you? You should be grieving for your loss in PRIVATE not on a Gang Blog. Wake up. LOL

  119. And your mom are your dad is dead too. And you will probably be dying soon As well. Because you white people be coming up with disease we can’t even spell. Your bodies live for cancer. I bet you have moles all over your body. You guys cannot stand that sun that’s why all of you have skin cancer you have no pigment. When that doctor tells your ass you have 6 months to live, I bet your red ass wish you were black Haha!!! I love the sun my sun , the sun turns my skin a beautiful reddish gold. So while you talking you are probably dying now

    I bet you have liasion on your body right that you haven’t gotten them biopsy yet. Well you probably have cancer. Matter of fact I’m sure you do. I bet you are red and scaly Well I hope you dye a slow death. Good riddence. You are so annoying And you probably have AIDS as well you guys be have all kinds of shit.

    • It’s “ARE DEAD”, NOT IS DEAD”. You really are an ignorant Street Nigger. You need professional Counseling. You sound like a desperate idiot. LMAO

  120. And I told you to watch that bitch!!! And you mean Carmel ass bitch , if your going to use that term.

    And far as sucking a dope dealer’s dick. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried “yeeeesss”. Ooh it got hot in here. Ooh you’ve brought back memories. Now back to your gay ass I had a moment Now we all know you have sucked a plenty with your gay ass. That’s why you mad because you want Dell haha!!!

    And by the way stupid , you spelled bitch wrong idiot!!!!

  121. You got me mixed up with your momma. White people jump from men to men The even have sex with their own children that’s probably what’s wrong with you

    I have to much class for that. I don’t look for men. Dell knew I was a good catch. Remember Dell was a smart man. So stop talking to me

    • You can rant and rave all you want but the facts in reality are:
      1) You don’t know us.
      2). We know you, because of your dead Nigger.
      3). Niggers, who live in their Shithole Neighborhoods, were born to kill other Niggers. That’s the cycle that will never be broken. That’s what happened to your Nigger. He’s dead and NOTHING you can say even matters. You sound so desperate. LOL
      4) If somebody is dismissed, then why do you keep responding?
      Answer: Because the truth Hurts and your Nigger is dead and that’s the end of that tune. LMAO

  122. And it should have been written:

    I’ve never stated my profession is a police officer.

    Get your life and go back to school instead of bothering me Stupid

    • fuCC you really dismissed you’re not a real Cop CeCause a real Cop wouldn’t even really waste his time going CaCC and 4orth wit’ some1 on an internet,wit all da aCCess to DA Computers DAT they and wit’ all da resourCes and other poliCe offiCers dey work wit’ you would have already found a way to traCC roCCo Honkey!!!!!!,boy,bitCh!!!!!!,ass down.And I’m a Crip so if you really are a Cop whiCh I seriously doubt fuCC Cops,fuCC da pigs,fuCC pork,fuCC baCon,and fuCC swine I hate da poliCe Cuz,fuCC 1 time Cuz.

  123. And I said if annoying or annoyed is misspelled that’s the automated spell check. Now let’s not go there about who is smarter Because your ass is surely going to loose.

    Now really your dismissed. I have to go workout

  124. And watch that bitch!!! You have called me that numerous times and I didn’t check your ugly IPhone square shaped gorilla ass. Don’t be mad because Dell pick this red bone big ass he got it like that

  125. That’s how I now you are not a police, you don’t even know street language even the Kardashian’s know street language you idiot. Biotch is the street language for Bitch. See I knew you wasn’t shit. you don’t even watch “keeping up with the Kardashian”s”. Now who’s a dumb ass. Chalk one up for the blacks again !!!!

    I told you , you can fuck with me or Dell. Because my boo knew that too lol. Now class is dismissed!!!!

    • I said in my comment previously that I never “SAID” I was a Police Officer. There are other Branches of Law Enforcement so read between the lines you dumb Nigger Bitch. LOL

  126. Oh last but not least I don’t have to pay for counseling. My child is s psychiatrist

    BAM!!! Your pick up your white red face up off the floor once again. Buoy can’t fuck with me I’m a bad biotch !!!!!

    • “Bitch” DOESN’T HAVE AN “O” IN IT, YOU DUMB IGNORANT NIGGER. If you can’t EVEN spell the word “Bitch” correctly, then you are a fucking bullshitting Nigger Liar about your profession or income. Shut the fuck up.

    • If true, ( which I highly doubt), then go get some therapy from your Nigger Child and also some Medication to go with it. The Child you’re talking about probably has another Father because according to factual statistics from Government Reports, Niggers have BY FAR have the worst Family structure of any Race and the Nigger Women tend to breed indiscriminately with different Niggers or sometimes White men. That’s why 80% of all Nigger Households have no man there.

  127. First of all crip were originated in the 70’s to protected the neighborhood from you white honked monkies. Not stealing or drug dealing. Like your whities Al Capone and baby face who were the original gangster killing and stealing. But your first cowards were the kkk. Those cowards traveled in groups wore sheets so you couldn’t identify them stalked their victims in the night hiding in bushes and killing targeting CHILDREN. Emmette Tillman 14yrs old. Now who’s the white trash coward He probably was looking at that white trash because her nose was long as fuck. You know I find myself starring to sometimes. Because when you guys nose is big. It is fuckrd up o mean

    • hey dismissed damn I’m not trying to piCC a fight wit’ you Cut da Crips originated in da 1960’s,I’m going to say da Crips were founded in 1963 even though dats really a lie.I am a real Crip and I won’t tell anyCody when da Crips originally started CeCause I’m not a snitCh and I am not also going to give birth or rise to an whole entire generation of false Claiming Crips pretending to C real Crips CeCause they know Crip history and shit.

  128. Oh and worthless you called Dell worthless. Ok worthless. You stated your profession was a police officer correct? What is your yearly salary ? I would say 60,000 . Give or take according to the bill boards on the street correct?

    Dell car”s are worth more than you’re little yearly salary. Yeeeessss!!! That fine black man was driving your house and that is ONE of his cars!!!! So who’s worthless. Yeees so once again pick up your white face and you cry. LOOSER!!!! You know white people get mad only who black men makes more than they do. Now don’t kill yourself just do better

    • Incorrect, I never stated my Profession was a Police Officer. You have no idea what I earn per year or my overall Net Worth. I’m alive and Your Nigger is dead. End of story.

  129. Stalking- following people on their blog that you don’t know

    Fighting with someone one a blog you don’t know
    That may potentially cause you to loose your yellow teeth

    Being gay and weird like you want Dell and mad because I had that fine black bald “yes” smell good f
    His head down to his toe Ok bringing back memories. Back to your weird raggedy ass

    And fucking with me all day. A real man would even waste his time unless ;

    You are a AIDS carry gay ugly black moose

    Are you’re a nappy head pair shape body having roach who is just mad

    Either way that a stalker you weirdo

  130. I’m glad your smart enough to realize that , so be smart and don’t come for me until I send for you. Now your DISMISSED class is over!!!!!

    • How can I stalk a dead man?? You’re Nuts! I ‘m just telling you that he was a Worthless Street Nigger who got what was coming to him.
      That’s it! Deal with it, Asshole or go get professional Counseling.
      It’s a free country and I can have my own opinion if I want and there’s NOTHING you can do about it, except cry.

  131. Listen So So Annoyed, I understand that you feel bad that he was shot and killed. However, you have to accept the fact that he was a street criminal (even though he might have been a nice guy to you) and he lived by the sword and died by the sword. Those are the cold hard facts. Also, the Black on Black violence is an epidemic in this Country. Being part of A Crips Set is a one way ticket to Jail or the Cemetery. It is a miserable abnormal life.

  132. See I knew you were gay. I told you. I know white people. They will turn gay as quick as they white turn red when you slap them. They would have a wife children dog and the house with the white picked fence. As soon as you turn your back its “Hi my name is Caitlyn Jenner”

    I knew you wanted Dell I knew you were gay following him on his blog. I saw a movie like this. The guy wanted person bad when she died he dug her body up to have sex with the body. You better not find out we’re my fine black man is buried

    White people. I swear

  133. First of all you raggedy robo cop. That’s the automatic correct spelling you idiot I was so ready to tear into your raggedy white trashy ass I didn’t catch it. But what I did catch is you are a liar because trust me your raggedy ass have not and I mean have not step up to no thug life at all. I don’t believe You have been a coward throughout history. All shootings have been in hiding like in bushes or in a vacant building so you can escape like the rat you are, you run in groups , you never stand alone because you are scary, it’s just in your DNA. As far as martial arts everyone know white boys can’t jump ok. You tried it. Second of all that’s why I know your scary remember I said you roll in groups never stand alone

    Now second of all you called me dumb. I know that no one is your trashy family is a doctor well I raised a doctor boo and I have a degree. Now cops make about 70,000 a year. Well boo I made over a hundred thousand a year as a medical coder boo boo. Retired EARLY and I’m on my second career

    BIOTCH!!! I know pick up yo white red neck face

    • Looks like I struck a nerve with this overly sensitive Nigger. Niggers are the ones who hide in groups, That’s why they belong to a neighborhood GANG and do DRIVE BY shootings, Idiot. You sound like a broken hearted Nigger who can’t face the truth. LMAO

  134. Well why didn’t you tell him to his face then. I will tell you why because yo scary ass would be gathering your teeth off the ground. And you never told a gangster or any black man shit. You know how I know because you still have your yellow teeth or what’s left of them. Because you know you guys hate going to the dentist. You guys mouth smell like a toilet

    • “Annoyed” is spelled THIS WAY. There is NO “R” in the word you dumbass Nigger Slave. I’ve put many Niggers in Jail and I’ve fought a few of them in the process. Seriously injured all of them and tore one Niggers’ throat out. I ‘m a 2nd Degree black belt. Part of my intense training for the Job, so shut the Fuck Up with the Street Nigger Tough guy Act.

  135. Knowing your white if you would have found him him in the road , you know your white ref neck back wood trashy ass would have taken him home and ate him you know damn well you prcker woods like dark meat whether it’s a man or a woman don’t try it

  136. If Dell was alive you wouldn’t dare say this in his face you little pussies. Why wait until he’s dead You raggedy, scary bad body bad breath monkies oh and yes white trash you can be a white monkey too. None of you sorry women could ever be half the man like Ladell E Rowles

    I’m like Rick Ross. I hate a Pussy ass niggas. And yes white boy u can be a nigga too

    • Those who live by the sword die by the sword. Even your Nigger friend Del knew this would happen at some point. Yes, I would tell him right to his face. I’ve told many street niggers things worse than this right to their face. White people generally AVOID these Niggers because it’s not worth it. However, if cornered in a situation, many White guys would kick the living shit out of these street Niggers, especially White guys with martial arts knowledge.
      I’ve seen it many times.

  137. I would to hate them too, if I had a little red pencil dick and those black smooth skin, white beautiful teeth, beautiful natural no steroids bodies and hung like a horse

    Well yes, I would be pissed too. Hell yeah I would hate them all!!! Lol

    Sorry little pink dick or should I say serial killer lol

    • The Street Nigger was born to kill another Nigger. That’s the reality of it. Get used to the truth. It’s within their D.N.A. from way back in Africa when Nigger Tribes would be killing each other all the time like animals.

  138. Don’t be sorry, and so will probably sooner than you think Are probably your family, which ever comes first

    But at any rate GOOD RiDDENCE!!!!!! You are like an yeast infection

    Very annoying

  139. Today I drove pass the cite where I lost my soulmate. I would have sold my soul to the devil if I could change that night.

    I miss you Dell 💔💔💔💔💔

    • Del was a Street Criminal Nigger who was killed by another Nigger.
      Sorry, But he got what was coming to him. The Nigger that shot him will get killed by another Nigger. That’s the reality of it.

  140. You’re jealous because you don’t have bad red bone bitches with big ass”s twerking it on your birthday in Vegas wearing Red Bottoms. You have big black line backers with battle scares tweaking it at your neighborhood club for your birthday. Ha Ha!!!!!

  141. Today is the first day on my new position at my new job. Saturday my co workers gave me a celebration it was so beautiful, but I wish Dell was there. I miss him everday

  142. And a real gangster would never speak to a lady that way. That’s why I loved him Dell. He may have been a beast in the streets but he was a gentlemen to me

  143. But you are dissing him I saw the best in Dell when everyone else saw the worst in Dell , just like you I’m sure someone sees the best in you when some sees the worst. I’m not a rat nor a bitch and never been stupid I have a degree and a career and I also raised a doctor

    And why do you care if I move on are not. I have a deceased cold with Dell , so I will never move. They will always be my angels

  144. Like i said no dis on this black man. But riders from every hood gone speak real shit on u get a life move on u wasnot his only hood rat kill yo self stupid bitch real gangster shit rip delld

  145. And third of all I said what I said if Dell was alive you would not be saying this shit period. And fourth of all Dell was my star and I’m not from the hood But you boo let me put that hood on for you. Dell was my ghetto super star for life

  146. Yea right like i said no diss but all hoods have ghetto fame niggas to they hood and they hood only when they gone that shits over next get a life or blast yo self pam

  147. You are right I don’t care about nobody else dying but Dell. And with all due respect I still say if Dell was alive you wouldn’t that shit

  148. Man life goes on. Ladell eas no saint so go live yo life dont post his name again he was no super star out side of main st ghetto fame aint shit i no

  149. Y’all can’t be this moronic. I see why everybody is killing us, including ourselves. Most of y’all sound like slaves. Ms. Broken heart and keep the respect, with all due respect, because y’all are acting as if nobody else has been killed. Have any if y’all stopped to think about those other mothers who have been crying for years. To hell with them and the pain they are dealing with. Y’all are talking about the very person who put the word mafia in main st. How do you zombies think that happened? By giving out candy on Halloween. And half of you killers ( off black people only) wouldn’t have had the balls to say shit to his face. Wasted sperm, sex and time. As the bible says, let the dead bury the dead. Hopefully you will continue killing each other off like dogs. We seem too be the dumbest people in this planet now, who are in a serious state of confusion. Weaves and sagging pants everywhere, sickening. Every time i hear the “trash trucks” (the ambulance) i pray they are going to pick up a piece of shi#.

  150. As anonomous said, in dealing with something as this…which seems to be a very sensitive area to many and in this case, it could be deadly. No one is soaking on why this madness that we seem to rationalize, even exist? At the end of the day genocide seems to be ok. For those who have no clue what genocide means, (the destruction of a people, basically. This is about mite than Dell Dogg who I’ve known since the she of 11, I’ve 40 years. We are watching this sickness happen over and over again and ate doping nothing to attempt real solutions. And for those who are so dumb to believe this sh$t is on to be doing, you should be the first to be sacrificed for the cause of peace for our kids. Everybody seems to be waiting on there’s to be the next one murdered. Y’all know who they are…the ones up next to be fitted for a casket, but you won’t do shi$ to save their lives. You know when they walk out that for you may never see them again. let’s face it, there’s NEVER been a solution to what we (blacks) face here on this planet, and because of confusion we are lost and Brent on destroying each other. Duo what do we become known for as black ways/culture? Gang banging, sagging, wwearingweweaves 24/7. Setting each ither up, having k oh ds and not knowing what to do with them. And here we are allowing “the man” to know exactly what’s on our minds so they will know exactly who to go get and how to continue dealing with us. When are we going to stop being dumb niggas/slaves and learn to ask questions and seek answers and maybe we can save some young lives.

  151. Next month is anniversary of the homecoming of me and Ladell’s beloved baby boy Cordell Edward Rowles, 7yrs ago. I couldn’t carry our son to full term

    I feel bless to know that my son is resting in his father’s loving arms

    Rest in peace my angels

    • Real talk. We black people need to i study the history of the black man. That has been buried by the white man. Find out that we are somebody. Love thy brother. For we are the chosen one’s. Genocide is wiping us out. Read more about the history of the black man. Teach your brothers stop this bullshit. These streets is watered-down, no loyalty. Die for something

  152. Again this is not the time nor place to express such comments. Please consider Dell’s family for his family is baring a great loss Please be mindful and respectful of Dell’s children

    Again, let’s show wisdom

  153. When y’all say main street legend, do y’all realize what y’all are saying while at the same time saying a good man died??? You don’t get to be a legend from main street mafia crips by being a nice guy. Im just saying keep it real, trees he did a lot of nice things for families, and since he was killed how many more people have been killed? We have been filed into thinking this sh:t is normal…look around…there are kids being fuc$Ing murdered here and nobody is doing or saying shi$ about that.

  154. May Dell Dog and the many before him and those who followed him in Death rest in peace. What many of y’all fall to understand whether you lined him or not, we’ve all been put in these situations to fail, the hood/ghetto is a sick trap set up for us all. I’ve know Dell longer than most of y’all here making comments including his kids…i know both sides. Dell came from Nothing and became a millionaire and yes art the detriment of many…it’s what it is…yet he could never excape the reality of the ghetto and its design to destroy us using us to cause our own genocide. For those of y’all who miss Dell undoubtedly there are many who are singing praises…no doubt he was one of the greatest examples of a true and the history record of Dell Dog definitely reflects that. He was also a great giver. The past is the past but how do we save lives in the future if we refuse to keep it real?

  155. Yesterday I received good news , I will receive a promotion at the end of the Month I will receive a promotion on my new job. The sad reality Dell is not here to see that day come to pass

    I miss you so much!!!!!!

  156. Pam and broken-heart is the same person and thank you for respecting his children because this not a contest not a debate. and everyone’s right to comment should be respected

  157. That Pam character & The Brokenhearted one, talking about that trip you & him was suppose take, is the same person. I can burst your bubble in the worst truthful way. But out of respect for myself and his children I will not. I will not join the circus of women talking about they was with him God in Heaven know the truth I know the truth and you truth. If I was to break it all down, you would no longer post anymore of your delusional comments.

    • I just scrolled down and read all the comments on this site. I came across your comment. Listen I have his ring and had his son. There is nothing you can say that could ever burst my bubble, but I can blow your wig off your head with somethings I can tell you. That what I just dropped on you ain’t the half of it

  158. No one is being disrespectful nor condolscending of anyone’s right to comment. I feel everyone should be respectful of others feelings, everyone appears to be hurting that knew Dell. And I’m far from being dumb, stupid or a broad. I have a degree and I raised a doctor

    That’s what I loved about Dell he welcomed people from all walks of life

  159. Ya’ll some stupid dumb ass broads…I tried to be silent but all of this delusional mess ya’ll talking…then you wonder why he ‘really ‘ wasn’t messing with ya’ll fake ass..smh…I should have never stooped to ya’ll level with this online posting but ya’ll delusional and it’s matter what you post…you know the truth in your heart…

  160. My life literally changed July 8, 2025,at 1137 pm, can anyone tell me why, why Dell? We were leaving that weekend I stayed home from work to surprise him that Wednesday , because my job is very demanding I finally received 5 days off. Why did they shoot my baby? Please Please tell me

  161. I listened to Luther Vandross (Dance with my father again)
    I would give anything to dance with Dell just on more time

    God please help me

  162. All y’all chill fuck that gang bang shit this man was a father my daddy and a Damn good 1 fuck what y’all talking bout the streets killed my dad fuck all that jumpsuit

  163. What he is saying is that new mutha fuckaz bring new bullshit, if shit ain’t broke quit trying to fix shit. MSMC Been getting it forever because old rules ran shit. And all this new nigga “let’s keep the peace and smoke weed with off brands” shit gets shit fucked up.

    A real mutha fucka would of understood exactly what D was saying

  164. To Domanic Avery: It’s better to say things calmly when typing on the internet, just so others who may read your message can fully understand what it is you’re trying to say. Next time, just take a breath…. inhale… breathe slowly, and state the facts. Whoop!!



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