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Watts Bloods

93 Be Bopp Watts Bishops

93 (Nine Tray) Be Bopp Watts Bishops are located on 92nd Street and 93rd Street. The 93 Be Bopp Watts Bloods is a small counterpart of the larger 92… [...]

May 15, 2013 // 11 Comments

92 Be-Bopp Watts

  The 92 Be-Bopp Watts (pronounced 9-Deuce) also known as the 92 Be-Bopp Watts Bishop bloods, due to their alliance with the 52 Pueblos Bishop Bloods umbrella. [...]

May 13, 2013 // 8 Comments

Hacienda Village Bloods

  The Hacienda Village Bloods (HVB) are a African-American street gang located on the East Side in Watts neighborhood of South Central, California. They originated in [...]

April 5, 2010 // 20 Comments

Circle City Piru

The Circle City Piru (CCP) are mainly an African-American street gang, located on the East Side in the Watts region of South Los Angeles, [...]

April 5, 2010 // 10 Comments

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