The Pirus is an umbrella street gang alliance (under the larger alliance, Bloods) based out of Compton, California which spread to Carson, Inglewood and Watts. The name “Piru” is derived from Piru Street in Compton. Originally founded about 1969 and known as the Piru Street Boys, by 1971 they had associated themselves with the Crips. However at the end of 1972 they had a falling out with the Crips, and Piru Street Boys members Sylvester Scott and Vincent Owens, among others, called a meeting of non-Crip gangs, including the L.A. Brims, the Lueders Park Hustlers, the Denver Lanes and the Bishops. This meeting eventually led to the formation of the Bloods. Piru in current times is simply an alliance under an alliance. The Piru alliance is under the Blood alliance, in which the Piru alliance has street gang sets which have subsets. There are fifteen known Piru sets in the Greater Los Angeles area.


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