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  • Compton Pirus “P-Funk Ridas”

    All Compton Pirus, refer to themselves as Bompton Pirus, and are located on the East and the West Side of Compton, CA. Compton Pirus consist… Advertisements More

  • 145 Neighborhood Piru

    The 145 Neighborhood Piru, not to be confused with the Neighborhood Piru, which are based in Inglewood, CA. The 145 Neighborhood Pirus are primarily an African-American Piru street gang,… More

  • Mob Piru Gang

    The Mob Piru Gang (MPG) also known as Eastside Mob (ES Mob) or Insane Mob Gang (IMG). They are a primarily African-American Piru street gang located on… More

  • 135 Piru Gang

    The 135 Piru also known as (E/S) 135 Piru Gang, and 135 Bompton Piru Gang is primarily an African-American Piru street gang located on the east side… More

  • Campanella Park Piru

    The Campanella Park Piru (CPP) also known as The Nellas is an African-American Piru street gang located on the west side of Rosewood, also referred… More

  • West Side Piru

    The West Side Piru (WSP) also known as the West Side Bompton Piru (WSBP), or Bompton West Side Piru (BWSP), are an African-American criminal street gang that originated… More

  • 151 Original Block Piru

    The 151 Original Block Piru (151OBP) also known as 151 Neighborhood Piru (151NHP), 151 Original Block Neighborhood Piru (151OBNP), and 151 Piru (WS 151P). They are primarily an African-American Piru gang located… More

  • Cross Atlantic Piru

    The Cross Atlantic Pirus (CAP), also known as the Cap Gang, are an American-American Piru gang, located on the East Side of Compton, California. Their neighborhood stretches from Atlantic Ave… More

  • Cedar Block Piru

    The Cedar Block Piru (CBP) are primarliy an American-American Piru street gang located on the west side of Compton, California. Like many Piru gangs, the Cedar Block… More

  • Tree Top Piru

    The Tree Top Piru (TTP), also known as Tree Top Bompton Piru and the West Side Trees, are primarily an African-American Piru street gang located on the West Side… More

  • Lime Hood Piru

    The Lime Hood Piru (LHP) also known as Lime Hood Bompton Piru, are primarily an African-American Piru street gang, located on the East Side of Compton,… More

  • Lueders Park Piru

    The Lueders Park Piru (LPP) also known as Lueders Park Bompton Piru, and formerly known as the Lueders Park Hustlers, throughout the 1970’s.  They are primarily an… More