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  • Sotel 13

    The Sotel 13 (S13/SX3) or Sotel Trece, formerly known as Thee Falcons, are a long-standing Mexican-American street gang in the Sawtelle neighborhood of West Los Angeles,… Advertisements More

  • Venice 13

    Foundation and Early History Following the tearing of Mexican American and immigrant communities by the 405th Freeway, many emigrated to Oakwood. The city and its… More

  • Santa Monica 13

    The Santa Monica 13 (SMG), also known as Santa Monica Trece or SMG (for Santa Monica Gang), are a Chicano street gang based in the… More

  • Rockwood Street Locos

    The Varrio Rockwood Street (VRWST), also known as the Rockwood Street Locos (RSLCS) are a Mexican-American street gang located in the Westlake region of Central Los… More

  • Avenues Gang

    The Avenues, also known as The Aves or Los Avenidas are a Mexican-American street gang based in the Cypress Park, Highland Park, and the Glassell Park… More

  • 55 Bunch Gang

    The 55 Bunch (55B or 5B5), also known as the 55th Street Bunch (55BCH) pronounced “Five-Five” Bunch are primarily, but not exclusively, a Mexican-American street gang… More

  • Ghetto Boyz Gang

    The Ghetto Boyz Gang (GBZ), also known as the Ghetto Boyz (GBZ) or Ghetto Lifers are predominantly, but not exclusively, a Mexican-American criminal street gang,… More

  • 36th Street Gangsters

    The 36th Street Gangsters (36ST), better known as the 36th Street Gang or the East Side 36th Street (Tres-Seis) are a Mexican-American street gang located in… More

  • Mid City Stoners

    The Mid City Stoners (MCS), also known as the Mid-City Stoners 13 are a Mexican-American criminal street gang located in the City of Los Angeles and Long… More