Opal Street Locos


OpalStreetLocos.jpgThe Opal Street Locos or OSL, (also known as Opal Street Locos XV, Varrio Opal Street, East Side Opal Street, Calle Opal) are a small predominantly Mexican-American street gang named after Opal Street in the Boyle Heights district in the City of Los Angeles, California.

Members of Opal Street are known to use the Roman numeral “XV” or ”fg15” to signify their refusal to pay “taxes” to the Mexican Mafia prison gang. As a result, their whole neighborhood was placed on the Mafia’s hit list. By the 1990s, the Opal Street Locos embraced being outlawed and declared war on all Sureño gangs especially Varrio Nuevo Estrada, White Fence and Indiana Dukes.

Geographically, they are Southwest of the Santa Ana Freeway, between Grande Vista Ave and Calzona Street. The Opal Street Locos primary activities consist of drug trafficking, robbery,  extortion, murder, burglary, racketeering, illegal gambling, theft, and felony vandalism.

General Info
Full Name: Opal Street Locos;
Founded In: 1980s
Current Location: California, Boyle Heights;
Allies: N/A;
Rivals: Sureños, La eMe (Mexican Mafia);





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