Indiana Dukes 13

The Varrio Indiana Dukes (VIDKS), also known as Indiana Dukes 13 (IDKS13) and Indiana Street Dukes 13 are an Mexican-American street gang located around East Olympic Blvd and Indiana Street between Los Palos and S Ditman Ave, south of the Santa Ana Freeway in East Los Angeles, California. Members of the Indiana Dukes 13, are known to sport apparel by the Duke Blue Devils (Duke University).

The number “13” signify their alliance with The Mexican Mafia, a notorious Mexican criminal organization that operates within the California prison system. The Indiana Dukes are a multi-generational street gang despite, originating in East Los Angeles, parts of their varrio extends into the Boyle Heights, neighborhood in the city of Los Angeles.

Allies And Rivals

The Indiana Dukes mainly feud with other Mexican-American street gangs near their varrio such as the Clika Los Primos, White Fence, Varrio Nuevo Estrada, Opal Street Locos, King Kobra Rifa, Little Valley Rifa and the Laguna Park Vikings. In 2011, Alfredo “Freddy” Morales, better known on the streets as Osito, was an active member of the Indiana Dukes, who was shot and killed by a rival gang in the parking lot of a near-by Food-4-Less.

The shooting death of Alfredo Morales, provoked multiple gang-related shootings especially with the Laguna Park Vikings.





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