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  • NeighborHood Crips (NHC)

    The Neighborhood Crips (NHC) also known as N-Hood Crips or Hoodsta Crips, is made up of several individual African-American street gangs, located primarily on the West… Advertisements More

  • Rollin 50s Crips

    The Rollin 50s Neighborhood Crips (R50NHC) also known as the Rollin 50s (R50), consist of three active African-American street gangs, 55 Neighborhood Crips and the 57 Neighborhood Crips as… More

  • 6-Pacc East Coast Crips

    The 6-Pacc East Coast Crips consist of three African-American subsets of the notorious East Coast Crips, who originated on the East Side of South Los… More

  • 55 Neighborhood Crips

    The 55 Neighborhood Crips (55NHC) also known as the 5-Five Neighborhood Crips, formerly known as the 55 Hustlers, during the 1980’s. However, by the 1990s,… More

  • 46 Neighbor Hood Crips

    The 46 NeighborHood Crips (46NHC), also known as the 4-Six Neighborhood Crips, and is one of the longest standing African-American street gang in South Los Angeles, California.… More

  • 89 East Coast Crips

    The 89 East Coast Neighborhood Crips (89ECNHC) also known as the 8-Nine East Coast Crips, are primarliy an African-American street gang, located on the East… More

  • 62 East Coast Crips

    The 62 East Coast Neighborhood Crips (62ECNHC) also known as the 62 East Coast Crips (62ECC) or 6-Deuce East Coast Crips, are primarily, but not exclusively… More

  • Lynwood Neighborhood Crips

    The Lynwood Neighborhood Crips (LNHC) also known as the Lynwood N-Hood, are primarily, but not exclusively, an African-American street gang located on the East Side of… More

  • Osage Legend Crips

     The Osage Legend Crips also known Osage Legend Neighborhood Crips or 92 Neighborhood Crips, due to their affiliation with the Neighborhood Crips (Deuce 2x). The Osage Legend… More