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  • Grace Avenue Piru

    The Grace Avenue Piru (GAP), also known as the Grace Avenue Barson Piru is a new generation street gang located on the West Side in… Advertisements More

  • Scott Park Piru (Carson)

    The Scott Park Piru (SPP) are primarily a Polynesian/Samoan-American street gang on the East Side of Carson, California. The Scott Park Pirus originated in the early 1980’s,… More

  • ScottsDale Piru

    The ScottsDale Pirus (SSDP) are an active African-American street gang in the Scottsdale Housing Projects, located on the East Side of Carson, California. Which, sits directly… More

  • West Side Piru (Carson)

    The Carson WestSide Pirus are primarily a Samoan-American street gang located on the West Side of Carson, California. Their neighborhood is around Figueroa Street, between 220th Street… More

  • Cabbage Patch Piru

    The Cabbage Patch Pirus (CPG) are a blood gang located on the eastside of Carson, California. Located from the west by the 405 freeway to the east… More

  • CenterView Piru (Carson)

    The CenterView Pirus (CVP), also known as the Centerview Barson Pirus or View Gang are primarily an African-American street gang located on the East Side of Carson… More