Culver City Boys

The Culver City Boys (CCB) or Culver City Boys 13 (CCB13) are a mainly Mexican-American street gang which came into existence in the late 1960s. Originally from Culver City, the group swiftly moved to occupy Mar Vista, Venice, and other parts of the Los Angeles Area.

By the early 1970s, the Mar Vista Gardens housing projects became headquarters of the Culver City Boys gang. Despite being Surenos, the Culver City Boys identify with red, the traditional color worn by Nortenos, the Culver City Boys identify with red, the color of their rivals the Nortenos.

While the group has been around for a while, little is known of its formation or of the driving forces behind their efforts. Like many other Mexican-American gangs, it’s highly likely that the Culver City Boys were born as a social club which offered protection to young Mexican immigrants and other people of Hispanic descent.

The 80s and The 90s
The years of MTV, Michael Jackson, and Madonna were also the height of the Culver City Boys. At one point, the gang was widely considered one of the most dangerous and brutal criminal organization in Los Angeles. Able to count on the support of hundreds of people, the outlaws further expanded their reach and conquered other territories including the city of Santa Monica.

Affiliated with both the Sureños and La eMe, the Mexican Mafia, this group is known for dealing in a wide array of crimes. The Culver City Boys’ activities include murder for hire, drug trafficking, extortion, robbery, and petty thefts. While in prison, members of the Culver City Boys also team up with other gangs to serve the Mexican Mafia.

Present Day
Despite great efforts by both local and national law enforcement agencies, the Culver City Boys remain one of the biggest players in Los Angeles. A streak of murders that many attributed to the gang, shook the city since 1995, reinforcing the idea that this group could still exert much control over their territory and the population inhabiting it.

According to the Los Angeles Times, in November 1997, members of the criminal enterprise assaulted and killed a 16-year-old boy and injured another teenager when they opened fire on a rival crew. The attack took place in broad daylight, further highlighting the gang’s disrespect and lack of fear for the law.

More Recently, in 2015, the LA Weekly described another shootout as gang-related. 21-year-old Tomas Gomez was executed while behind the wheel of his pickup truck. The man managed to hit another motorist before losing control of the vehicle and driving it into a ditch. When the newspaper reached out for more details, a LAPD representative quickly dismissed the allegations, stating that no gang wars were currently taking place on the Westside.

General Info
Full Name: Culver City Boys, Culver City Boys 13;
Founded In: 1960s;
Current Location: Great Los Angeles;
Allies: Sureños, Mexican Mafia;
Rivals: Santa Monica 13, Venice 13, Venice Shoreline CripsSotel 13;



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