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  • 10 Most Dangerous Projects In Brooklyn 2

    Brooklyn is the cultural heart of New York. Its Dutch history, the peculiar accent, and the many celebrities that grew up here made this borough extremely popular among both locals and tourists. It is an international melting pot, where different populations have gradually learned to live and thrive together. Still, the most populous part of […] More

  • Gangs Who Defied The Mexican Mafia

    The Mexican Mafia is a gang that was formed in 1957 by 13 Hispanic street gang members. This gang is also commonly known as La eMe which means ‘the M’ in Spanish. M is the 13th letter of the alphabet and to this end, this became the iconic symbol of the gang and their affiliates. […] More

  • Big Wy And Red Rum 781 – 1993 (Music Video)

    Big Wy and Og Red Rum 781, two recognized piru rappers that’s both known for the Blood and Crip “Bangin On Wax” project and in local Gang communities “1993” music video from the new Bloods and Crips project. The song addresses how politics in gang culture has changed along with the new generation of todays […] More

  • 10 Most Dangerous Housing Projects In Baltimore

    Baltimore is a city of great contrasts. Ranked as one of the best cities to live in thanks to its thriving economy, vibrant nightlife and plethora of sporting venues. This seaport city has its fair share of social and economic problems. In addition, the city’s neighborhoods have been the subject of countless stereotypes. In essence, […] More

  • 10 Most Dangerous Housing Projects In New Orleans

    When visitors think of New Orleans, their minds often picture its round-the-clock nightlife, vibrant live-music scene, spicy cuisine, street parties, and costumed parades. It is perhaps, most famously known for its popular cultural phenomenon, the Mardi Gras, drawing in thousands of tourists every year. The neighborhoods within New Orleans hosts a diversity of individuals. There are preppy […] More

  • East Side Crips (Bakersfield)

      The East Side Crips or East Siders, are a large predominantly African-American street gang that operates in Bakersfield and throughout Kern County, California. The Eastside Crips, who is associated with the color royal blue, consisted of several subsets and cliques such as the Spoonie G Crips and Stroller Boys. Gang members will show their affiliation by wearing […] More

  • Ja Rule Join Protest Against New York’s Troubled Housing Projects

    Many residents of NYC Housing Authority (NYCHA) have had to endure long periods of winter with no heat to warm their homes. Apparently, hip-hop rapper Ja Rule was one of the affected NYC residents who joined protests in a plea to the authority to urge them to renovate the public housing complexes’ heating systems. Jeffrey […] More

  • Varrio Bakers

    The Varrio Bakers are a Sureño Hispanic (mostly Mexican) gang located in Bakersfield, CA. Members are often heavily tattooed, with the words “Sur” and “Sureño” being quite common. The acronyms “VBKS”, “V” and “BKS” also feature prominently in addition to the number 13 and the Aztec “Kanpol”—three dots arranged horizontally over two parallel lines which […] More

  • Country Boy Crips

      The Country Boy Crips (CBC), also known as the South Side Country Boy Crips are a predominantly African-American street gang operating in the Southeast community of Bakersfield, California. One of three Crip street gangs in the Central Californian city of Bakersfield, the other two being the much more prominent Westside Crips and Eastside Crips. Although […] More

  • West Side Crips (Bakersfield)

    The West Side Crips (WSC), also known as the West Siders are a street gang with approximately 100 members based in Bakersfield, California. Most of the membership is African American, although there are some members with Hispanic roots. Although small in numbers, the gang has built a reputation for being especially vicious and prone to gun […] More

  • Opal Street Locos

      The Opal Street Locos or OSL, (also known as Opal Street Locos XV, Varrio Opal Street, East Side Opal Street, Calle Opal) are a small predominantly Mexican-American street gang named after Opal Street in the Boyle Heights district in the City of Los Angeles, California. Members of Opal Street are known to use the […] More

  • Long Beach shooting: Police ID gunman, victims

    Long Beach police have named John Alexander Mendoza, 58, of Redondo Beach, as the man who shot two colleagues, one fatally, Friday afternoon at a prominent Bixby Knolls law firm. Major A. Langer, 75, of Rolling Hills, was killed and Ronald Beck, 64, was wounded in what police called a workplace violence incident. After the […] More

  • Man shot during robbery outside San Pedro bar

    A man was shot in the leg late Wednesday, Dec. 20, 2017, during a robbery outside the Enigma bar at 1323 S. Pacific Ave. in San Pedro. (Google Street View) SAN PEDRO — A man was shot in a leg during a robbery outside a bar in San Pedro, police said today. The shooting was […] More

  • Motorcyclist arguing with driver along Gardena street killed in crash

    A Hawthorne motorist was arrested on suspicion of murder Thursday after he collided with a motorcyclist as the two men argued with each other while driving along a Gardena street, police said. Oscar Villa, 24, was booked at the Hawthorne jail when doctors notified Hawthorne police that the motorcyclist had died. Police said the motorcyclist, […] More

  • Hawthorne police seize 26 weapons in gang raids

    Police seized 26 guns, many of them banned assault weapons, during early morning gang raids Thursday in response to a series of shootings over the past year in Hawthorne, Gardena and Los Angeles. Guns seized Thursday in Hawthorne police gang raids. Photo courtesy Hawthorne Police Department Two men, including one suspected gang member, were arrested […] More

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