Eastside Rivas

East Side Rivas 13

The Eastside Rivas (ESR), is a coalition of several Hispanic-American street gangs and cliques located in the Eastside Neighborhood of Riverside, California. They fall under the Inland Empire (IE) umbrella and are arguably one of the largest street gang in the Riverside County. The word Riva, is short for Riverside (Riverside 13) and is commonly used by […]

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East Dago Mob Crips (EDMC)

East Dago Mob Crips

The East Dago Mob (EDM) also known as the East Dago Mob Crips (EDMC) are a violent street gang residing on the East Side in the City Heights neighborhood in San Diego, California. They were originally known as “Playboy International” (PBI), but changed it to East Dago Mob Crips in 1985. The main cliques of […]

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Original Hood Crips

Original Hood Crips (Long Beach)

The Original Hood Crips (OHC) also known as the North Side Original Hood Crips (NSOHC) or O-Hood Crips, are a long-standing African-American street gang located in North Long Beach, California. They were established in the early or mid-1980s, near 68th Way and White Ave between Artesia Blvd and 69th Street. Their neighborhood overlaps with the Boulevard […]

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Liggett Street Bloods (LSB)

Liggett Street Bloods

The Liggett Street Bloods (LSB) also known as the Liggett Street Gangster Bloods (LSGB) or Liggett Street Gangsters are a blood street gang located in Panorama City, in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, California. They originated in the late 1980s or early 1990s, as a neutral street gang with no affiliation with Bloods or […]

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Araacs – Benzo (Music Video)

  Araacs from East Dago Mob Crips “Benzo” music video featuring Pac Man Da Gun Man from Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips, which is where the music video was filmed. A San Diego & South Central collaboration.

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Tg Blacc – Livin Wrong/Extra (Music Vdeo)

Compton rapper Tg Blacc from Lantanna Blocc Compton Crips “Livin Wrong/Extra” featuring Ad from the same neighborhood but with a bigger buzz in the music industry.

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36th Street (36ST)

36th Street Gangsters

The 36th Street Gangsters (36ST), better known as the 36th Street Gang or the East Side 36th Street (Tres-Seis) are a Mexican-American street gang located in South Central, recently changed to South Los Angeles, California. Their territory stretches from Jefferson Blvd to Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard between Main Street and San Pedro Avenue. This region of South […]

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Young Buck – Dayz In L.A (Documentary)

World known Tenessee rapper, former member in G-Unit member Young Buck, short filmed documentary on rapper young buck’s birthday, filmed in & with the Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips, Video features Newport, Big U & more’

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Mid City Storners (MCS)

Mid City Stoners

The Mid City Stoners (MCS), also known as the Mid-City Stoners 13 are a Mexican-American criminal street gang located in the City of Los Angeles and Long Beach, California. They were originally known as a Stoner Gang during the 1970s, before morphing into a violent Sureño street gang with subsets in the Antelope Valley and Portland, Oregon. The […]

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Deo Savage – Trap House Junkies (Music Video)

A combination of Watts rapper from two different projects, The Nickerson Gardens & Imperial Courts. “Trap house Junkies” featuring Deo savage from PJ Watts Crips , Killa Twan from Bounty Hunter Bloods  & Freshxo.  

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Skrambz – Shnow The Deal (Music Video)

Skramz  from Crenshaw Mafia Gang new “Shnow The Deal” music video, which was filmed in his neighborhood

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3 Men On Facebook Live Ended Up Streaming Their Own Shooting

In a bizarre incident, three men in the US who were streaming a video on Facebook Live ended up recording their own shooting. The video of the shooting that took place in the Berkley neighbourhood of Norfolk, Virginia, was posted online and immediately went viral, RT.com reported on Wednesday. In the video, three men were […]

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Teen Charged With Murder Failed To Make The Cut As A Crip In Fatal Gang Initiation

An innocent man died, and the teenager whose gang initiation prosecutors say led to the killing didn’t even make the Crips cut. “I wanted to get down, but they wouldn’t put me down,” Quantavious Williams said, describing the Rolling 20s Crips gang he sought to join when Jack Hutchins wound up dead in a crime […]

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Woman Shot While Driving In Compton With Toddler In Backseat

Los Angeles County sheriff’s detectives are searching for suspects in a shooting that wounded a 26-year-old woman driving in Compton with her young son in her SUV over the weekend. Lt. Marc Lucio said the shooting occurred at about 10:15 p.m. Saturday when the woman turned down Grandy Avenue. Lucio says an unknown number of […]

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