Country Boy Crips


The Country Boy Crips (CBC), also known as the South Side Country Boy Crips are a predominantly African-American street gang operating in the Southeast community of Bakersfield, California.

One of three Crip street gangs in the Central Californian city of Bakersfield, the other two being the much more prominent Westside Crips and Eastside Crips. Although the Country Boy Crips are far less prominent than the other two and number in the dozens of members, they are nonetheless equally violent.

The gang’s traditional territory stretched from Cottonwood Road to Union Avenue, between East White Lane and East Belle Terrace in Bakersfield. In 2013, an affidavit filed by an FBI agent in the case of Bakersfield Country Boy Crips member Spencer Earl Jones revealed that more than a dozen Bakersfield Country Boy Crips had moved to Dickinson, North Dakota.

Martinis Lounge Shooting

On February 29th, 2016 Kern County D.A Lisa Green announced that Country Boy Crips member Paul Timberlake had been convicted of 2nd-degree murder and was facing a sentence of up to 65 years in prison. On November 7th, 2014, the then 34-year-old Timberlake walked up to Martini´s Bar adjacent to the Regency Lanes Bowling Alley in Bakersfield, CA and shot 25-year-old Lionel McGee as he was leaving the establishment. McGee died from his wounds in the parking lot.

Although it was initially reported that Timberlake (victim) had also been shot and wounded during the incident it soon came to light that this was not the case and Timberlake had in fact been the sole shooter. Mr. Timberlake had achieved a certain level of genuine notoriety in rap music under the name “Clacc2sta”.

  • General info:
  • Full Name: Country Boy Crips, South Side Country Boy Crips, Notorious Country;
  • Colors: Powder Blue
  • Cliques: Watts and Lotus (WLSS), Cottonwood (C Dub);
  • Allies: West Side Crips;
  • Rivals: East Side Crips;


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