k  White Fence

The White Fence Gang are primarily a Mexican-American criminal street gang and was one of the first original barrio to originate in East Los Angeles, California. The name is the result of a white picket that ran along side of their neighborhood nearby train tracks between the Los Angeles River and Downtown LA. White Fence consisted of two cliques around the Los Angeles region and San Gabriel Valley. White Fence has been around since the 1930s, in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles and are still very active on Lorena Street. At the beginning, they were called La Purissima Crowd, however eventually changing their name to White Fence, after the white picket fence that surrounded La Purissima Church. The White Fence also has expanded to various locations such as San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, Las Vegas, El Paso, Mexico as well as Guatemala in Central America. Other gangs such as The Avenues, Hazards, Frogtown, and Toonerville were all once cliques of White Fence that developed into separate gangs.

Allies & Rivals

El Monte Flores, Sureños, and the Mexican Mafia. Rivals include all Maravilla gangs, Varrio Nuevo Estrada, Armenian Power18th Street gang, MS-13, Crips, Bloods, Pirus, Norteños, Nuestra Familia, Clika Los Primos, Rollin 60s Crips and Eight Try Gangster Crips.



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