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  • C-Bo Vs Mozzy: Fans Fear A Gang Rivalry Is Coming

    Fans are worried that the recent feud between C-Bo and Mozzy, might resurrect an old rivalry between two of Sacramento’s oldest gangs; the Garden Blocc Crips and the Oak Park Bloods. Tensions are rising between Sacramento rappers C-Bo and Mozzy, and the rivalry between the two has escalated to an all-out feud. C-Bo is a veteran of […] More

  • Kam Calls Ice Cube A Hypocrite For Using The N-Word

    Kam and Ice Cube have been involved in a decades-long beef, which apparently seems far from over despite attempts to squash it. The latest chapter in the feud arrives courtesy of Kam, who took issue with his real life cousin’s stance on the n-word as expressed during Ice Cube’s much-publicized confrontation with Bill Maher. In […] More

  • DoLow – Extraz (Music Video)

    South Cental, Athen Park Blood rapper “DoLow” featuring CeddyMack both from the same gang .Music Video Shot by YGACEFILMZ. More

  • Yakuza

    The Yakuza has been reported as early as the 17th century. At the time, the Japanese’s caste system was particularly strict and members of the… More

  • Four Corner Hustlers

    The Four Corner Hustlers (4CH) were born by the end of 1968, mostly thanks to the efforts of Vice Lords’ Walter Wheat and Freddie Gauge.… More