WaterGate Crips

The WaterGate Crips (WGC) are primarily an African-American street gang located on the West Side of Hawthorne, California. around the Imperial HWY, between Crenshaw Blvd and Van Ness Blvd. They are part of the Rollin 100 Crips . Their cliques consist of the 116th Street and the 117th Street as well as the 119th Street.

Casimir Ave, is a residential street, which run through the heart of  their neighborhood. The WaterGate Crips have been active for over thirty years, and had a reputation for feuding with larger gangs. The WaterGate Crips are one of the few crip gangs in Hawthorne, along with 115th Gangster Crips and the Hawthorne Thug Family along with the Acacia Blocc Hustler Crips.

Allies & Rivals

The WaterGate Crips also have a set in Orange County on the West Side of Santa Ana, Califonia. They are allies of most gangs under the Rollin 100s Crips and the Neighborhood Crips, such as the Budlong Gangster Crips and the Raymond Avenue Crips along with the Hard Time Hustler Crips. The WaterGate Crips are rival’s of the Hawthorne Piru Gang and the Denver Lane Bloods as well as all Compton Pirus.

The city of Hawthorne and the city of Inglewood, are neighbors borderline by Imperial HWY. This have caused them to feud Inglewood blood gangs such as the Crenshaw Mafia Gang and the Avenue Piru Gang along with the well the Center Park Bloods.

The WaterGate Crips are also known to feud with other crip gangs under the Neighborhood Crips card (such as the 111 Neighborhood Crips and the 112 Neighborhood Crips as well as the 115 Neighborhood Crips). The WaterGate’s also feud with the Imperial Village Crips, which are located in the city of Inglewood.


4 Responses to “WaterGate Crips”

  1. WS Watergate Crip gang 500 Blk Chilli St KillaPk


  3. Ha bustas thought tha Gates weren’t in tha Anas W\S Watergate crip gang 500 blocc 119s in Hawthorne know we all tha way turnt up

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