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Tonga Crip Gang

Tonga Crip

102nd Tonga Crip Gang (TCG) Tongan Crip Family (TCF). They’re the first and only Tongans “Polynesian” gang to resides in Inglewood, California. Tonga Crip Gang are located on 104th street around Buford Ave, they share 102nd St and Prairie Ave, with their closest fellow ally the Raymond Ave Crips.

They’ve also expanded their territory to 111th Street and Lennox Ave. Their main cliques consist of 102nd Bone Family and 104th Nut Family. The Tonga Crips Gang and the 102nd Raymond Avenue Crips often refer to this area of Inglewood as Inglewatts. Due to the fact, this area have a high rate of homicide and gang-related shootings.

the The Tonga’s and Raymond’s also share common enemies such as the Main Street Mafia Crips102 Osage Legend CripsCrenshaw Mafia Gang Neighborhood PiruInglewood Family BloodsLA Denver Lane Bloods, Avenue Piru Gang, Athens Park Bloods, and they’re enemies of all Sureno gangs. They also formed an alliance with the Sons Of Samoa which is a Polynesian/Samoan crip gang, located in Long Beach, California.

They also feud with Samoan gangs, such as the Carson West Side Piru and the Scott Park Pirus as well as the ScottsDale Pirus. along with the Park Village Compton Crips (Black/Somoan)

Tonga Crip Gang (Salt Lake City)

The Tonga Crip Gang, is also located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The “Tongans Crip Gang in Salt Lake, has built a notorious reputation, thru violent and ruthless criminal acts. The Tongan Crips is no stranger to the news media, and has been labeled as one of the most biggest and deadliest gang in the United States of America.

According to the F.B.I. and the Salt Lake Police Department have estimated their over 800 members, and Samoans is responsible for half the (TCG) gang population in Utah. They feud with gangs such as the Piru Original Gangsters, Black Mafia GangstersKearns Town BloodsMoney Over BitchesSalt Lake Posse, Rose Park Bloods, and the West Side Pirus in Salt Lake City.


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15 Responses to “Tonga Crip Gang”

  1. Haha cant fucc wit us Tongans, its always been in our toto to rule over niggahz! Fucc that hamo slobk net banger. Avondale.Central.Crip-Tongan.Crip-GrizzlyLowc

  2. Thundakatt Killa. Hahaha 2 blocks of nkothing but trash. Tgck LcgK rice crispyk Inglewxxd fuck ckrabz

  3. haha k town bloods? naw cuhz only ktown tongan baby regulata crips out here nigga.. ha never heard of ktb. only scrapps cuzz!

  4. Tongans arrived in Inglewood California (LA) in the late 1970′s early 1980′s. Being new and unfamiliar to LA Ca they were harassed and picked on by other gangs and people in the area. Most of the tongans were located on 102nd and prairie avenue and became close friends with the Raymond Ave Crips that were also located on 102nd. Some of the tongans decided to join the Raymond Crips at the time. As time passed tongans became large in numbers in Inglewood and that’s when the Tongan Crip Gang was created, created by the Sekona family. They shared 102nd with their close ally Raymond Avenue Crips and also extended their territory to 104th and Bufford Ave. Tongan Crip Gang are broken down in to families such as Rocc Fam, Nutt Fam, Dogg Fam, Bone Fam, Blue Fam & Locc Fam. Today the Tongan Crip Gang are world wide and have spread all over California and also in states such as Utah, Arizona, Texas, Oregon, Nevada, Hawaii, Colorado, N.Carolina. And are also in countries such as Tonga, Australia, New Zealand.
    Rumors are that they are much larger and widespread over the country than what’s listed.
    #WorldwideNews #WorldMedia #HistoryChannel #UnitedGangs #SocialnetNews #CNN

    • You got some of the story right . But Tongans been living in Inglewood since the early 70s (1972) , some came via American Samoa or from Tonga .

      Yeah at first they didn’t know the street code , as coming from the Islands it was a big culture shock . But they undestimated these outsiders from the Islands , as they were no push-overs (like the micronesians) and could go toes with any motherfucker .

      Tongans hooked-up with the RAC’s and in 1984 it was not the Sekona family that started TCG , it was the Tangitau-Motu’apuaka and Ngaue families from 102 , enough said !!!

      • Errnttttt.. out in cali it was known as Tonga Crip.. Made by Mo dread Sekona. Mafi Vatuvei street name “Duke” and his brothers “Shay” and “Bullet” went to Cali and put in work.. They went to Utah and put the “G” in it where now its called TCG Tongan Crip Gang.

      • It wasn’t utah that put the G in Tonga Crip. Tongans in Inglewood picked up the CG card from their fellow ally the Raymond Avenue Crip Gang. The CG card been there before they started the chapter in utah. Tongans in Inglewood adopted the “Crip Gang” from the Raymond Crips. They both still sit strong on 102nd

  5. Fuck A Trash Can BLOOD


  6. WEST SIDE TON6A.CRIPk.6AN6 Reply November 16, 2013 at 12:50 pm



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