Tonga Crip

The Tonga Crip Gang (TCG) also known as the T-Gang, are primarily, but not exclusively, a Tongan-American street gang located in Inglewood, California. The Tonga Crip Gang are located around 102nd Street and 104th street, between Prairie Ave and Doty Ave. The TonganCrip Gang also share 102nd Street, with their closest fellow ally the Raymond Ave Crips.

The Tonga Crip Gang are the first and only Pacific Islander/Polynesian street gang to reside in the city of Inglewood. Which is dominated and infested with blood gangs such as the Center Park Bloods and the Queen Street Bloods as well as the Weirdos Gangster Bloods. Members of the Tongan Crip Gang are known to sport “Texas Rangers” or “Texas Longhorns,” baseball caps with the large letter “T” to represent Tongan. 

The Tongan Crip Gang, main cliques consist of 102nd Bone Family and 104th Nut Family. The Tonga Crips Gang and the 102nd Raymond Avenue Cripsoften refer to this area of Inglewood as Inglewatts. Due to the fact, this area have a high rate of homicide and gang-related shootings similar to the Watts neighborhood of South Los Angeles.

The Tonga’s and the Raymond’s also share common enemies such as the Main Street Mafia Crips102 Osage Legend CripsCrenshaw Mafia GangNeighborhood PiruInglewood Family BloodsLA Denver Lane Bloods, Avenue Piru Gang, Athens Park Bloods, and they’re enemies of all Sureno gangs. They also formed an alliance with the Sons Of Samoa, which is a Polynesian/Samoan crip gang, located in Long Beach, California.

The Tonga Crip Gang and the Park Village Compton Crips (Black/Samoan), also share a common hatred for Samoan gangs or gangs with Samoan cliques in the city of Carson, such as the Carson West Side Piru and the Scott Park Pirus as well as the ScottsDale Pirus


Tonga Crip Gang (Salt Lake City)

The Tonga Crip Gang, is also located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The “Tongans Crip Gang in Salt Lake, has built a notorious reputation, thru violent and ruthless criminal acts. The Tongan Crip Gang is no stranger to the news media, and has been labeled as one of the most biggest and deadliest gang in the United States of America.

The F.B.I. and the Salt Lake Police Department, have estimated there are over 800 members, and Samoans is responsible for half of the (TCG) gang population in Utah. They feud with gangs such as the Piru Original Gangsters, Black Mafia GangstersKearns Town BloodsMoney Over BitchesSalt Lake Posse, Rose Park Bloods, and the West Side Pirus in Salt Lake City.


In 2008, the Tonga Crip Gang (Salt Lake City, Utah) were featured on an episode titled “From Heaven To Hell” of Gangland. Which, was a satellite television show (series) on the History Channel.

In The News

In April 21, 2014, Siale Angilau, a well-known member of the Tongan Crip Gang, was shot multiple times in the upper chest region after charging towards a witness on the stand with a pen or pencil, according to law enforcement. The witness was Vaiola Mataele Tenifa, a convicted felon serving up to 30-years in the Utah state prison, on 2001 charges raging from robbery, aggravated assault and recently facing rape allegations (by forcing his cellmate to perform sexual acts).

Vaiola Mataela Tenifa, is also affiliated with the Tongan Crip Gang who turned state-witness, and agreed to testify by providing inside knowledge about the day-to-day operations of the Tonga Crip Gang. All in the hopes, of consideration for a shorter prison sentence. In gang culture, cooperation with the police or any other kind of law enforcement is considered one of the biggest betrayal in the history of gangs.

Siale Angilau was on trail on racketeering charges, along with a string of robberies and assaults of local store clerks. In 2007, he was also accused of shooting two U.S. Marshalls, and pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice and failure to stop at the command of police in connection to the shooting.

In 2010, 17-members and associates of the Tongan Crip Gang, were arrested and indicted on racketeering charges (Rico Act). In 2011, Eric Kamahele, who is one of the main ring leader in a series of crimes committed by the gang and was sentenced to 30 years in a federal prison. Siale Angilau was among the seventeen members of the Tongan Crip Gang named in the Rico indictment.

Siale Angilau, allegedly lounged at his former crime partner Vaiola Mataela Tenifa, who took the stand against his fellow comrades. Angilau became enraged with Tenifa after he took the stand and charged towards the witness stand like raging bull, standing at 6-foot-3, weighing 260 pounds when he was fatally shot in his upper torso by a U.S. Marshall and died several hours later at a hospital, due to his injuries.



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