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The 135 Piru also known as (E/S) 135 Piru Gang, and 135 Bompton Piru Gang is primarily an African-American Piru street gang located on the east side of Rosewood (also referred to as Compton), California. Their neighborhood stretches from 135th Street and Rosecrans Ave, between Main Street and McKinley Ave. The 135 Piru has spread throughout the United States. This gang have a strong presence throughout Rosewood and Compton California, Newwark New Jersey, Pheonix Arizona, Atlanta Georgia, and Houston Texas.

Allies include: Hawthorne Piru Gang145 Neighborhood Piru151 Original Block Piru, Village Town PiruCampenella Park Piruand the West Side Piru. Rivals include: Carver Park Compton Crips, Twilight Zone Compton CripsBarrio 13, 118 East Coast Blocc CripsNutty Blocc Compton PiruOriginal Swamps Compton Crips, and the Compton Varrio 155,


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