The 14K (十四K) is a Triad group located in Hong Kong  however they’ve expanded worldwide . It is the 2nd  biggest Triad group in the world ranging  from 20,000 to 25,000 affiliates  divided into 30 sub groups. They are the primary enemy  of the Sun Yee On, which is the biggest Triad. The 14K are hold accountable  for massive drug trafficking  all over the world,  many of it  narcotic and opium from China or Southeast Asia. This is their main business in  regards to  producing  earnings, however they are commonly engage in unlawful gambling, loan sharking, money laundering, murder, arms trafficking, prostitution, immigrants smuggling, extortion, counterfeiting and, to a lower  degree,  house burglaries. The 14K  developed by Kuomintang Lieutenant General Kot Siu Wong in GuangzhouChina in 1945 as an anti-Communist  activity group.  Nonetheless, moved to Hong Kong in 1949 when the Kuomintang fled from the Communists following the Chinese Civil War. Initially there were fourteen members that belonged to the Kuomintang,  for this reason as a result the name label 14K.  Nonetheless, some  claim that 14 represent the road number of a former base of operations and K  means Kowloon. Compared to various triad societies, the 14K  is among the  biggest and most fierce Hong Kong based triad organization, and its members  seem to be much more loosely  linked. 14K factional violence is really unmanageable  due to the fact that no dragon head has the ability to control all factions of 14K worldwide. While Hong Kong’s 14K triad controls its typical locations of operation and has actually expanded  much further and beyond the former British Colony, its concentration continues to be Sino-centric. Hong Kong, consisting of  additionally activities in mainland China;  essential  inspiration for affiliates to cross into China is to stay clear of  authorities, security, and anti-gang crackdowns in Hong Kong. Throughout the 1990s, it was the “biggest Triad on the  globe”. In 1997, there were a variety of gang-related attacks that left 14  individuals lifeless. Under Wan Kuok-koi (nicknamed “Broken Tooth Koi”, 崩牙駒), the 14K was being  tested by the smaller Shui Fong Triad. The  following year, a gunman  thought to be  linked to the regional 14K murdered a Portuguese national and  injured  one more at a sidewalk café in Macau. In 1999, a Portuguese court sentenced 45-year-old mob boss Broken Tooth Koi on numerous criminal charges and punished him to 15 years prison. His 14K gang was  believed to be the shooter involved in the drive-by shootings, car bombing and attempted murders.  7 of his  affiliates got lower sentences. Because the crackdown in Macau, the 14K triad resurfaced in Northern American cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago in the Usa and VancouverCalgary and Toronto, Canada, Sydney Australia, and additionally the UK. In feedback to the  enormous publicity created by Broken Tooth Koi, the 14K drastically reduced its public profile.  At the same time, loan sharking, and money laundering. proceed to be the main  resources of income for the 14K in  The united states. Under Wan Kuokkoi (nicknamed “Broken Tooth Koi“,崩牙駒), In August 2008, the 14K were apparently associated with a  top-level kid napping of a Chinese family in New Zealand near PapatoetoeAuckland.The  strategy was to require a ransom,  however they were discovered long before the cash was paid.


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