Hit Em Up: Lil Wayne Gets Banged On By A Los Angeles Crip

Lil Wayne Bloods Lil Wayne (of Young Money) and Christina Millian, were walking to their Maybach after leaving the club. When Lil Wayne, gets confronted by Magic, who is affiliated with the 87 Gangster Crips, a notorious street gang located in South Los Angeles, formerly known as South Central Los Angeles, California.

The confutation was the result of Lil Wayne, claiming affiliation with the Bloods. The crip also verbally insults Suge Knight of Death Row Records, due to Suge gang ties with the Mob Piru, a street gang located in the city of Compton.

“Magic n*gga, 87 Gangster n*gga, Crip,” he says while punching the car. “F*ck Suge n*gga, it’s Crip. N*gga’s can’t say sh*t. You can call who you want to, Birdman…anybody.”


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