357 Gangster Crips

The 357 Crips (Trey-57), also known as the 357 Gangster Crips (pronounced Trey-57 or Tray-Five-Seven  are primarily an African-American criminal street gang located in the Valwood neighborhood, on the West Side of Pomona, California. This area was dubbed “Sin Town” by the original gangsters (OGs) of Pomona.

The 357 Crips are also known as the Sin Town Crips (STC) and the Sin Town Gangster Crips (STGC) as well as the 357 Sin Town Crips, The 357 Sin Town Crips emerged in the 1970s, after the formation of the Crips in South Central Los Angeles, led by Stanley “Tookie” Willams and Raymond Washington.

The 357 Gangster Crips neighborhood stretches from Fairplex Dr. to the 71 Freeway, between the San Bernardino Freeway (10 Fwy) and Valley Blvd/Holt Ave. They also share their area with the West Side Mafia Crips and the West Side Pomona, an Latino gang.


The 357 Crips recognition increased after being linked to Kokane, a rapper/singer who is best known for being signed to Ruthless Records, by the late Eazy-E (of N.W.A.) in the early 1990s. Suga Free, a rapper who was discovered by Compton rapper DJ Quik (of Tree Top Piru) also grew up on the west side of Pomona.

Allies And Rivals

The 357 Crips are allies of the South Side Village Crips and the West Side Mafia Crips as well as other gangs under the Gangster Crips 3x umbrella. They have been engaged in rivalries with the 456 Island Pirus, a blood street gang and the West Side Pomona, a Latino street gang under orders of The Mexican-Mafia.



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  2. Hey anyone active in Pomona or atleast near Mission Blvd & Romona Ave? I’m trying to join up, but don’t have any connections. Just trying learn a few things so I can be able to handle my own. Oh and FYI I’m not African American. My ethnicity is Indian, so is that gonna be a problem? I know on top it says Primarily African American Gang.

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