52/59 Hoover Criminals Gang

The 59 Hoover Criminals Gang (59 HCG) also known as the 5-Nine Hoover Criminals Gang and formerly known as the 59 Hoover Crips Gang, are an African-American street gang located on the West Side of South Los Angeles, California. The 5-Nine Hoover Criminals originated in the 1970’s, as an sub-set of the larger Hoover Criminals Gang.

The 59 Hoover Criminals Gang, often replace the two Os in Hoover with “59” (H59ver). It’s common to see H59ver in wall graffiti and various other vandalized property throughout their territory. The 59 Hoover Criminals Gang neighborhood sits directly in between 52 Hoover Crips Gang and the 74 Hoover Criminals Gang.

Allies & Rivals

The 59 Hoover Criminals Gang are allies of all gangs under the larger Hoover Criminals Gang umbrella. Their main rivals are the 62 East Coast Crips and 62 Harvard Park Brims as well as the Rollin 40s Neighborhood Crips. They feud with all East Coast Crips, Neighborhood Crips; 55 Neighborhood Crips and 57 Neighborhood Crips.


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