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Athens Park Bloods

athens park bloods (apb)

The Athens Park Bloods (APB) are primarily a black criminal street gang located on the west side of Rosewood (also known as Athens), around the Rosedale community, region of Los Angeles, Ca. Their neighborhood stretches from Figueroa Ave to Avalon Blvd. They’ve several cliques, but their main cliques are 124th Street and127th Street. This gang has been around for over three decades, with history dating back to the 1970s.

In 2009, several police agencies, set their sights on the Athens Park Bloods, in an operation dubbed as “Operation Blood Klout.” Which, resulted in twenty arrests of Athens Park Bloods members or associates, seizure of large quantities of narcotics, including crack cocaine, marijuana, and the confiscation of several assault rifles.

 G-Twin, the twin son of one of the founders of the Athens Park Bloods, was featured in Dead Homiez (documentary). However, he was shot to death in the Poccet Hood Compton Crips territory. Cle “Bone” Sloan (actor/director), who appeared in movies such as: Training DayTears of the SunBrooklyn’s Finest, and directed Bastards of The Party (documentary). Hooda John (rapper), who was featured and appeared in Mitchy Slick music video “Wont Stop Being A Blood” is also a member of the Athens Park Bloods.

Allies include: Denver Lane Bloods, this alliance is often referred to as “Athens Lanes,” and the Miller Gangster Bloods, this alliance is referred to as “Athens Millers”. Other Black P Stones (Jungles)Rivals include: 118 Blocc East Coast Crips102 Raymond Avenue Crips, .



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    • Gang r not all about violence.we have helped people as well but society labels us and leaves it so we say fuck it and do what we do.a lot of y’all ain’t strong enough to live this life tho.not saying y’all weak y’all just ain’t built so u will never understand

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  35. Big ratman or Mooney
    Not dead

  36. // August 19, 2015 at 9:26 am //

    Blood iz blood much love to APB Beezie milla ice kold miller wit it Athens miller all day EA$TKOAST 2 BALI

  37. // July 31, 2015 at 1:01 am //

    Holmes street crip !!! Fuck toast

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  41. What ever happened to Lil Timebomb from Athens?

  42. W/s Athens park blood gangstas, 132nd,131st, 130th, 129th, 127th, 126th, 124th, 122nd and 121st, cook st, Jarvis st, calton st and fig streets bloods. Rip Ru Zell, big cyko, lil mouse, rod dog, madd dog, smoke, QB, jabbo, lil kre kre, beko, b face, stone and any other Athens park boy that is resting in peace. A’s up for life. Still krab and anybody killa

  43. W/S APB 132nd and Avalon. Cant forget about Four Line Gang,Miller Gangsters,Westside Piru,Campenella Park,R.I.P. O.G. Mad Dog,Ratman,Mooney,Lil Squeek..

  44. Westside Athens 132nd and Avalon,can’t forget about Foeline Gangsters,Miller Gangsters,Campenella Park,Village Town,R.I.P O.G. Mad Dogg,Ratman,Mooney,Lil Squeek,


  46. S/o Athens Lanes B’s^ mothafuccK a cKraB

  47. Correction! Mouse is the twin that was killed, not g-twin! Big Mouse their pops is cofounder if Athens

  48. So this just a piru set

    • W/S Athens Park 132 and Avalon Blvd. RIP O.G. Ratman,MadDogg,Mooney,Lil Squeek, Can’t forget about Foe line,Miller Gang,Campenella Park,Westside Piru..

      • Anonymous // April 19, 2015 at 9:56 pm //

        Fucc apb where’s is d loc 11 um 8 is lookin fo him cuzz don’t he stay on 124th

      • Anonymous // October 6, 2016 at 5:08 pm //

        Nell🅰️xWestsidex🅰️thensParkx〽️Iller Gankst🅰️
        🅱️127Dz fuecck 🍞K fuck Rice KrispiesK

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