The Black Gangster Disciples Nation (BGDN), normally known simply as Gangster Disciples (GD) became the gang they are today in 1969, when leaders from the Black Disciples and the High Supreme Gangsters met to decide the fate of their own organizations.

Larry Hoover, who would then became the guide of the Gangster Disciples, had long been disgusted by the unstoppable violence that was tearing the black community apart. Already an experienced gangster at the time, the African American proposed an alliance between the two sets to strengthen their presence on the South-side of Chicago.

With the Black Disciples already cooperating with several other gangs, the newborn alliance had the means to grow and turn their attention to several community outreach programs. Legitimate businesses, including restaurants and other hang-out places, would be open in the years to come. Internal struggle between the members also led to several wars.

The 1970s and Hoover’s Arrest
While it might have looked like the gang had actually adopted a positive attitude, the 1970s brought a large amount of drugs into the city of Chicago. The same communities the BGDN were building and helping to thrive would soon be flooded with drugs.

The BGDN were now knee-deep in the drug trade, using their own communities as both staging points and sources for the manpower needed to bring their products to the right consumer. Income disparity started to show up, with some of the gangsters getting extremely rich and others falling victim to the same drugs they were supposed to sell.

A drug-related murder perpetrated by both Hoover and Andrew Young would result in both of the men being imprisoned. Nevertheless Larry Hoover, who had become the leader of the BGDN in 1978, was able to continue strengthening his gang’s relationship with other associations, laying the foundations for what would then be known as the Folk Nation alliance. A latino faction known as the Spanish Gangster Disciples was also created.

From 1991 to Today
The intricate set of alliances Hoover had worked on would not last forever. In 1991, members of the Black Disciples eventually came to blows with the BGDN, resulting in an inter-alliance war which would be the first one of a long series.

Hoover’s power over the gang was still great in the 1990s, though. Albeit being sentenced to life in prison as the result of an operation aimed at reducing gangs activity in Chicago, his association is still one of the largest and most revered in the state.

In 2005, Gangster Disciples member Rico Williams was accused of murdering a fellow soldier while taking part in an initiation rite in a small German city near the Ramstein Air Base. The man was eventually sentenced to 22 years in prison.

Allies And Rivals

Gangster Disciples are one of the Folk Nation alliances which is an adversary group to the Vice Lords. This makes Gangster Disciples an enemy of Vice Lords. The Black P. Stone is another gang that has stern hatred for the Gangster Disciples.


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