Bloody Mary

Rajni Faulks (born on July 21, 1970 – November 19, 2006) better known by her stage name Bloody Mary was an American rapper from Steubenville, Ohio, she later moved to Compton California. Bloody Mary had strong ties with the East Side Fruit Town Piru Gang (FTP) and was affiliated with the Avenue Piru Gang (APG), located in Inglewood, California.

Bloods & Crips

Bloody Mary met Tweedy Bird Loc, who was affiliated with the Kelly Park Compton Crip’s (KPCC), he saw potential in her and introduced her to Ron “Ronnie Ron” Phillips, CEO of Dangerous Records. Bloody Mary joined the popular rap group Blood’s & Crip’s she was the first and only female member representing for the Blood’s.

Bloody Mary gain national attention when she appeared on the single & music video “Piru Love” along with Lil Stretch, Redrum 781“CK”. Rajni Faulks had a very distinctive powerful deep voice, which caused many people to mistake her for a male. Bloody Mary can be heard on Bangin On Wax: Piru Love, Rip A Crab In Half, No Way Out, and CK Ride.

Life After Bloods & Crips

Bloody Mary released her solo debut album “She’s Dangerous” under the alias “Nini X” 1994. Bloody Mary was engaged in a small beef with Miami rapper Luther “Luke” Campbell, after Luke made a song called “Cowards In Compton” she made a diss track called “Fuck Luke” where she recruited several fellow “Bloods & Cripsmembers such as Redrum 781Tweedy Bird Loc, and Awol from Kelly Park Compton Crip’s.

Bloody Mary released her second album titled “Day Of Resurrection” she was later signed to Death Row Record’s by Suge Knight. On November 19, 2006, Bloody Mary was riding her motorcycle and unintentionally became involved in somebody elses high-speed chase. Mary bike was hit by a truck trying to flee from the police, and as a result she was placed into a brain-dead state and subsequently her life support was pulled. Bloody Mary was killed in a motorcycle accident in Compton CA.


  • 2003: Day Of Resurrection
  • 1994: She’s Dangerous 
  • 1993: Bangin On Wax

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  1. She was a good wonderful rapper of all time because she have a wonderful personally and beautiful kindhearted soul she have about herself she is the rapper of the genre of music and r.i.p bloody mary with love and peace .

  2. She was from Leuders Park not Mob or Avenue Piru imma Crip & I know that but she put it down I like that song Aint trippin of the Diss to the Rips RIP To the BIG HOMIE From WATTS 2 COMPTON RIPS & DAMUS!!!!!

  3. In the bity of bompton lime hood is down with the MOB holly hood n cross atlantic up off bompton blvd…every town has a elm st but not a freddy kruger…blood mary was a beast REST IN PARADISE BM…piru reppin she gave it up 2 all the bloods n rus on piru love…

  4. CORRECTION: Her BORN day: July 29, 1970. I am her BLOOD sister (born of the same mother). Thank you for highlighting her accomplishments. She was TRULY gifted and unique and is sorely missed by our entire family (Steubenville-OH and beyond)

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