Center Park Bloods

The Center Park Bloods (CPB), also known as the Center Park Boys are primarily an African-American street gang located on the west side in Inglewood, California. The Center Park Bloods originated as a clique of Inglewood Family Gang , and have been active since the 1970s.

The Center Park Bloods are small compared to larger gangs in Inglewood neighborhood stretches from Imperial Hwy to 106th Street between Prairie Ave and Crenshaw Blvd., behind the Crenshaw Mall. The Center Park Bloods main cliques consist of 111th Street and 108th Street.

Clifford ‘Spud’ Johnson, a former member of the Center Park Bloods turned author was an active participant in a truce between the Bloods and Crips, in 1992. He turned to writing while doing time  in a federal prison on a drug conviction. He has published several urban tales such as “Kalifornia Luv” (2009) and “Twist of gangsters 1” (2011).

Loon E Toon, an American rapper from Inglewood Center Park Bloods (111th Street) who exploded on the Los Angeles music scene with “Inglewoodz Finest” ‌‌a song produced by DJ Mike Tee in 1993. He released his second project “The Takeover” in 1998.

Rider bone, a gangster rapper from Center Park Bloods who debuted on “Flamin B-Dawgs Come Better”, a project consisting of former blood members from the Damu Ridas. He was featured on Retaliate (solo) and Silent Type Killas (solo).


Allies and rivals

The Center Park Bloods are allies of the Inglewood Family Bloods, Avenue Piru Gang and the Weirdos Gangster BloodsMad Ass Gangster Crips, Osage Legend Crips,  Raymond Ave Crips, Imperial Village Crips, and Tonga Crip gang.



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