los primosClika Los Primos 13 (CLPS) are primarily a  Mexican-American criminal street gang located in East Los Angeles, CA.  Their varrio consist of many cliques such as Cycos, The Dukes (DKS), Tiny Locos (TL’S), Loco Gangsters, Tiny Winos (TWS), Tiny Locos (TL’s), Spiders, and Sickos (SKS). Their terrotory is located on Indiana Street and stretches from 3rd Street to Whittier Blvd. Clika Los Primos adopted the 13 or X3 like many Varrio gangs to show their allegiance to the  Mexican Mafia. Clika Los Primos can be found today in various cities throughout Los Angeles, such as East LA, South Los Angeles, Riverside, and the San Gabriel Valley.  Rivals include the 18th Street Gang, White FenceIndiana DukesLaguna Park VikingsLil Valley, and all Maravilla gangs.


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