los primosClika Los Primos 13 (CLPS) are primarily a  Mexican-American criminal street gang located in East Los Angeles, CA.  Their varrio consist of many cliques such as Cycos, The Dukes (DKS), Tiny Locos (TL’S), Loco Gangsters, Tiny Winos (TWS), Tiny Locos (TL’s), Spiders, and Sickos (SKS). Their terrotory is located on Indiana Street and stretches from 3rd Street to Whittier Blvd. Clika Los Primos adopted the 13 or X3 like many Varrio gangs to show their allegiance to the  Mexican Mafia. Clika Los Primos can be found today in various cities throughout Los Angeles, such as East LA, South Los Angeles, Riverside, and the San Gabriel Valley.  Rivals include the 18th Street Gang, White FenceIndiana DukesLaguna Park VikingsLil Valley, and all Maravilla gangs.



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  1. and all i listen to is clika gang rap music and my dad gang banged and his brother and i want to be like them, they lost a lot of niggas, and im down to do anything it just runs in my blood, im never a pussy when it comes to the real shit

    • Fuck you and fuck fake st ….first of all nacho smokeys brother is not from clps he dont gang bang if he is a fucken rat i dont know …..the homie d-boy did 10 years because of your bitch ass rata fakes they went to court and pointed him out fucken ratas …do you even know why fake st got started it was because we used to punk and bitch slap all you bitches costello boys ..latin kings ..wyvenwood locos …insane boys got together and started fake st …I was there when you bithes came to the hood and and told us you didnt want any pedo spider told you bitches to go fucke yours selfs….and the reason you bitches hated spider was because he had you bitches running for your lives

    • You want to talk about rankers why dont you ask tortas aka (hefty) and toro and about six more of the fakes we got sliping in whittier when they seen us they looked like they had seen a ghost ..we walked up to them and I bitch slapped tortas and told fuck fake he looked like he wanted to cry him and toro where saying we dont gang bang we are cristian god bless you and your neighborhood god bless los primos they are lucky my older homie felt sorry for them and told us to let them go ..true story ask toras or toro and they will tell you who I am …..maybe you are one of the fakes that was there that night….lefty from Latin kings ranker we got him in pico in a drive in he said he didnt gang bang but one of the homies knew who he was and told him fuck lambe kulos he ran to he car and lokcked he girl came out crying to us to please leeave him alone …huero and negro rankers wally and victory rankers sergio ranker dreamer ranker ….I know alot of you fakes all bitches and rankers


  2. Nacho he mans brother rated me out when the homies rob and shot his bitch ass by bank of america by granny land hes a ranker too i sat in jail for a year for that lil ranker fuck clapping pussys ES8ST13 were the reason u fools lst ur varrio in the pjs

    • Why dont you ask.. your ranker homies who I am ….tortas aka (hefty) or toro they know exactly who I am the one who bitch slapped tortas and made about six of your pussy homeboys rank it on fake st lambe kulos ..jajajaj….they where begging me and the homies not to fuck them up .your homeboys are fuken bitches we didnt even have a gun on us it was just putasos it 6 or 7 of them and about 8 or 9 of us and all your pussy homeboys where saying god bless los primos we dont gang bang we are cristian .. and a few day later I see tortas aka (hefty) I was walking and he was in his car and he yealls out lambe kulos …fucken pussy when I bitch slapped him he didnt do shit he eyes where all red looked like he was about to cry .

  3. You talk a lot of shit wizard ….as for chickle from wite fence me and the homies hshot he’s ass we had the fool begin for he’s life crawling under a car as for dreamer from Latin kings we used to punk him in the projects all the time he used to kiss our ass and I love los primos i used to be from los primos fucken bitch ..huero and negro sergio are a bunch of rankers and bitches they used to say they weren’t from 8st latin kings ….wally is still alive only because he’s brother guty was from clps …and victor because of hes nephew ….about smokey getting jumped back into latin kings i dont know anything about that what I do know is that in 96 he got out and had los primos tattoo across hes stomach …another thing I bet you or any lambe kulo wouldn’t dare call spider a ranker to hes face .


  5. You fucken idiot dont know what the fuck you are talking about first of all danny boy and thumper are not dead they are alive…..kam did not kick the primos out of there varrio .

  6. Yes there barrio was from 3rd street to 6street. Till KAM 13 kick them out. IDKS never beef it with them . Once Cyco, thumper, and danny boy past. They relocated.
    They remind me of Vickys town

    • @erickm405.em@gmail.com, I was there when boxer got the ok from rascal, shadow, Niteowl, & Socio from EAST SIDE VARRIO LATIN KINGS locos to start CLPS didn’t break off until your ranker homie OG Spider from LIL VALLEY jumped sides and joined CLPS then he started feeding bull shit to the youngsters to break off due to the pedos with MARRIANA MARAVILLA cuz may of clps lived around mmv. thats why your homie BENNY aka PSYCO ranked out when MMV hit him up at king tacos on 3rd after 1 week he left CLPS AND JOINED MMV your clps got started in june 1985 they also tryed sharing the wicked woods with ESVLKR wyvernwoodlocos & crown locos and you got ran out of there. we had to protect several of your homies Crow he would always get hit up by Chicle, Johnny, Dreamer from White Fence, Brochas was always getting punked by caveman & flaco from VNE your own homie SMOKEY aka HEE-MAN from CLPS loco gangsters jumped back into VLK if you dont know who he is its the vato who’s jefito had a lunch truck parked selling food at the alley of soto St & Short St. let me know if you need more history on clps I ran with ESVLKR wwls from 82-91 until I opened my business,,,,