Compton Menace

Compton Menace, also known as Menace is an American Rapper from Compton, California. He gained recognition after signing to Black Wall Street Records, a record company founded by The Game, in 2008. Compton Menace is an active member of the Fruit Town Piru (FTP), a street gang located in the city of Compton.

Despite, being independent, Compton Menace has collaborated with a number of notable West Coast artist’s such as Mitchy Slick from Lincoln Park Bloods and Big Paybacc of Whitsett Ave Gangster Crips as well as Roccett, who is a member of the 190 East Coast Crips.

Feud With 40 Glocc

May 2011, Compton Menace and rapper 40 Glocc of Colton City Crips best known for being signed to G-Unit Records. The two rappers got into a physical altercation during the Cage vs. Cons event at the L.A. Sports Arena in Downtown, Los Angeles. Compton Menace and 40 Glocc, both exchanged insults, which led up to the fight. In an interview with, Menace stated:

“40 was running his mouth and simply needed to be put in line. “He had no choice [but to fight], he did what another cat against a wall would do. 40 Glocc got his ass whooped, he don’t run his mouth no more, and watch who talk shit about and watch who you run up on.” 

However, 40 Glocc stated that he was jumped by Menace and his Blood/Piru entourage, Compton Menace released a diss tracks called 40 Coak, He also collaborated with Big Paybacc, a rapper affiliated with the Whitsett Avenue Crips and signed to Baymaac Records, a label started by Spider Loc of 97 East Coast Crips. Both artist’s took shots at 40 Glocc on a song called Riot G-Mix.

Feud With YG 400

In 2012, Compton Menace and YG 400 who is affiliated with the Compton Tree Top Piru were both scheduled to perform at the annual “DUB” Car show. Which was held at the LA Convention Center in Downtown, Los Angeles. However, during YG performance,  Menace camp started flashing gang signs which led to a fight. This confutation resulted in gunfire outside the Los Angeles Convention Center.


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