The Cuatro Flats 13 also known as the 4th Street Flats, are an Mexican-American street gang located in Los Angeles, Ca. Their varrio is located on 4th Street, between Clarence Street and west of the Santa Ana Freeway. They originated around the Pico Gardens/Aliso Village Housing Projects in the Boyle Heights area of Los Angeles, along with the Primera Flats, El Hoya Maravilla, and the East LA Dukes 13.

Allies And Rivals

The Cuatro Flats have been on the police radar since the 1940s, and are one of the most violent street gangs in East Los Angeles, California. The 4th Street Flats also align themselves with the Mexican Mafia, so they represent Sur 13. Their main rivals include: The Mob CrewPrimera FlatsBreed StreetWhite FenceKrazy Ass Mexicans, of all the MaraVilla Family Gangs.

In The News

In 1998, The Cuatro Flats made headlines, when Joe Saenz (Smiley) and his friend Juan Pena, who were both from the  Cuatro Flats gang. Set up and murdered two rival gang members, Josue Hernandez and Leonardo Ponce in cold blood. They was shot and killed execution style, in the Aliso Village Housing Projects. The deceased victims was affiliated with the East LA 13 (Dukes).

Joe Saenz also murdered his close friend and associate (Oscar Torres), who was a member of the Lott StonerBig Lokote (Chicano rapper) has ties with the Cuatro Flats.



The Ultimate Costs

FBI arrest of Most Wanted Fugitive Saenz detailed

Jose Luis “Joe” Saenz


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