Del Paso Heights Bloods

The Del Paso Heights Bloods (DBHB), also known as the 909 DPH Bloods, are a large umbrella consisting of several smaller subsets operating since the 1980s, in the Del Paso Heights neighborhood in North Sacramento, California. These subsets breakdown into the True Heights Villains, Elm Street Bloods, Trigger Mob Gang (TMG), Beast Mod and Flat Dogs.

The Trigger Mob Gang (TMG), emerged in the 1990s, according to the Sacramento Police Department. The Beast Mob, originated as a Black Rag Gang in the early 2000s, before aligning themselves with the Del Paso Heights Bloods. The Del Paso’s Trigger Mob and Beast Mob Gangs are bitter rivals of the Monk Mob and TNA (Tearing Niggas Apart), subsets of North Highlands Gangster Crips.

The Elm Street Bloods, are named after a street (Elm Street) between North Ave and Grand Ave, in Del Paso Heights. Harrison Ave, runs through the heart of their territory. They are known for their rivalry with the Fourth Avenue Bloods and the Nogales Gangster Crips, a street gang who also operates in the Northern region of Sacramento.

Genaro Patterson, better known by his stage name GP The Beast who appeared on “Too Gangsta 4 Radio”, a compilation album released by Death Row Records in 2000, is affiliated with the Del Paso Heights Bloods.

Marcel Hatch, also known as Sellione Mackinstile was a popular rapper in the Del Paso Heights area who was gunned down by Charles Antonio Williams, who police described as a local street pimp. On May 7, 2010, Williams confronted Hatch over a prostitute which led to a physical altercation at a motel on Auburn Boulevard.

Hatch walked away from the fight as the clear winner, and also stole Williams cell phone. However, Williams walked away severely beaten, humiliated with a wounded pride. On May 8, Williams gunned down Hatch with an AK 47 (assault rifle) and was sentenced to 50 years to life in prison.

On May 10, Sellione Mackinstile passed away in the hospital due to complications from his injuries. Hatch died just two weeks before his 30th birthday (May 24, 1980 – May 10, 2010).

Allies And Rivals

They are rivals of the Nogales Gangster Crips, who also claim the Del Paso Heights neighborhood as their territory. They also beef with the North Highlands Gangster Crips and the Garden Blocc Crips. They are rivals of the Oak Park Bloods and the Strawberry Manor Gangster Bloods (SMGB), which originated as a clique of the Del Paso Heights Bloods.

On Feb. 17, 2007, members of the Flat Dogs got into an altercation with members of the Ridezilla Gang, who are cliqued up with the Oak Park Bloods. The conflict was followed by gunplay that left a 15-year-old girl paralyzed from the waist down. In 2010, members of the Trigga Mob Gang were featured in the news after shooting a potential witness five times, including twice in the face.



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