Dodge City Crips

The Dodge City Crips (DDC) also known as Dodge Town Crips (DTC) are primarily, but not exclusively, an African-American street gang located on the West Side in San Pedro, California. Their Neighborhood is based around the Rancho San Pedro Housing Projects, which is located on 1st Street, between Centre Street and Arboles CT. The Dodge City Crips have been active for over 30 years and remain the largest crip gang in the city of San Pedro.

Members of the Dodge City Crips are known to sport apparel of the Los Angeles Dodgers, a popular baseball team. They consist of several cliques such as 12th Street, 2nd Street Mob (Deuce Street), Tiny Locs, Bad Ass Niggas (BAN), Highland and the Baby Mobsters. The Dodge City Crips, are the largest African-American/Black criminal gang in San Pedro, with over a hundred active members.

Allies & Rivals

The Dodge City Crips have an alliance with the Harbor City Crips, due to their common rivalry with Latino gangs, especially the Rancho San Pedro Gang. The two gangs coexisted well in the Rancho San Pedro Projects, until 1996, when a Dodge City Crip member was murdered, allegedly the Rancho San Pedro Gang were behind the killing.

As a result, this incident led to fatal shootouts between the Dodge City Crips and Rancho San Pedro Gang. The animosity between these two gangs, escalated into racial motivated hate crimes. This bitter feud ended around 2006, with the Rancho San Pedro Gang dominating the Rancho San Pedro Projects.

However, the Dodge City Crips still reside in different parts of their neighborhood such as 2nd Street and 12th Street. They are rival of gangs, mainly in the Los Angeles Harbor Region, such as the East Pain Bloods, and the WaterFront Piru as well as the Carson West Side Piru and the Varrio Longos 13 and all the Varrio Wilmas street gangs, located in the city of Wilmington.


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